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Nodiatis Bests/Tops List ideas
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Default Nodiatis Bests/Tops List ideas

Ok, first off, I wanna say I love the whole announcing thing when ppl best or match a Nod best when slaying bosses. I also like the fact that there is a tops list for boss kills by each player whether solo or grouped, even if the ordering could be better(I'll explain later).

First off, in regards to the Nod bests...what I would like to see is a similiar thing for each boss. The difference being it would depend on what lvl you were when you solo'd a boss. Here's what I mean:

Say that a lvl 10 kills the elephant in the plains(lvl 14 boss), it gets announced. The next day, another lvl 10 kills the boss in plains. It gets announced as matching a Nod best. The following day, Mr/Miss/Mrs uber comes along and pwns the elephant at lvl 9. It gets announced as a new Nod best. And so it continues for each boss.

Basically...it gives some lower lvl people something to shoot for and something to be congratulated for instead of only the lvl 78-80s, even if it's a "small" accomplishment in the big picture of the game...just a little reciprocation for the players who lvl slowly and try to be the best at their own lvl. Since lots of people rush to the cap, the people who achieve things along the way are generally overlooked imo, so this is something for them. (Yes I am one of them...but there are many more out there...most of whom are better than I)
You'd probably want to add the lvl to the message..just so ppl know what boss it is if they either havent gotten there or don't remember, and perhaps add the players lvl when they killed it.

Quick problem I see: The first few days after this was added there would be a ton of messages, ok...but after a week or so, they'd die down to maybe a few a day, then after a month or so it'd be maybe 1-2 a day tops...so no big deal. A few ppl would get annoyed, but they could turn off floating messages...if they haven't already

That being said...the tops list *semi* shows this...however when you kill a higher lvl boss, your name gets erased from that boss kill and is displayed for your newest conquest, erasing all memory of ur previous accomplishment. Couple ideas for that:

1. Make a Tops List for each boss, and everyone who killed it would be ranked...from lowest lvl to highest lvl.(so the "best" is ranked first...either figure out a way to sort within the lvl or just add the newest to the beginning)
2. Keep each boss kill by each player in tops list.
3. Perhaps within each clan or from the tops list each players name would be a link...and would list their boss kills. Maybe even add other stats like class, xp, skills etc, so you can compare the ##s with ppl your lvl if you so choose.

Problem with #1...too many things to sort through in tops lists.
Problem with #2...eventually the top 1000 would be lvl 60+...so it would have to be extended...which means more scrolling to find lower lvl players, and a much more jumbled list...not too appealing.
#3 I dont see a huge problem except for a little more programming, more web space, and people not wanting their crappy boss kills displayed
#4 for all the above...any of this *could* help people ur at war with find you knowing what zone you're done with...but the smart ppl know you're in 1 or 2-3 zones anyway depending on level...right?

So yea...ideas need a little work, I just kinda threw this together. I know not everyone will agree with it(or like it) as it's more work(although easy programming wise) for not much gain in the game(meaning PvP patches, stacking resources, making Agi important, another cap raise, etc)...just wondering what you other people think.
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*THREAD HIJACK*MAKE A SPK AUCTION....ok now that thats out of the way i like the idea but it would really get irritating for the first few days people are matching the bests so i would propose to make it where it doesnt start announcing for a week or 2 after they started keeping track...that way we dont get megaspammed for the first couple days...i would also like to add why not just make a player profile available...that displays all boss kills how many accomplishments ect ect ect and then have them ranked on the tops list that seems that it would work better to me
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Agreed, not announcing for a week or so would be a good solution to keeping the floating text spam(as it would be) to a minimum.

Player profiles would be ideal for both suggestions. However I think the people who kill bosses way above their lvl should get a little recognition in the "public eye"
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