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Are 2 Handed Weapons actually beneficial for a rogue?
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Default Are 2 Handed Weapons actually beneficial for a rogue?

Hello all.

Ive been trying to do a little math on the subject, and some playtesting as well. It seems to me, at low levels at least, that the added chance of bloodlet on a 2h weapon, and the added effectiveness of skills like deathblow, would make the 2h'ers actually worth it for a rogue.

But my question is, at higher levels, do the added skill perks for hemorrhage and deathblow affect your dps enough to make 2 handers as viable an option as dual wielding?

Based on the hemorrhage skill alone, you would have as likely a chance of bloodletting at level 33 with a 2 hander as you would at level 100 with a onehander. Of course, then you have to figure in that you will hit more often dual wielding.

Has anyone tested this out? Do 2handers actually make sense for a Rogue?
I appreciate any information on this.

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i have not tested...but its not only dps..its also damage u take.... what im weighing currently is does the dps increase outweigh the damage i take when i give-up dual parry.
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I've no idea the impact at lower levels with those lower 2H piercers, but the 84 2H is just as good as DWing like-leveled 1Hers from the numbers I have seen. The impact with deathblow on 2Hers is very substantial and has helped close the gap in overall avg dps, assuming you can get your opponent down to 20% health (like if you're dueling relic it's not gonna help, but against others it will). Sure you lose dual parry (which will not decrease kill-speed, but will cause you to take more damage) but you gain mirrored blade (which can increase kill-speed).

You can run all the numbers you want, but you will never know how it will work until you try it out yourself.
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