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Lack of analysis for clan suggestion
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Default Lack of analysis for clan suggestion

So recently some clans have been struggling to keep at 100 members, more so getting more than 80-85 members. Some of these clannies also dislike each other but are forced to stay in the same clan for their runes and lack of loyalty.

This isn't something that is urgent, however, I would like to see a lot more clans competing with each other and a lot more clans either resurrected or just new ones made who would like to lead and start their own thing. So many dead clans because half of the people in clans are just their to pay the tax and use their runes.

Suggestion: Cut the cap to half with only half the rune activation cost, or cut the clan by 25% with 25% less of activation cost. To cover cost to expand clans before, just redeem it into RP.

I'd just like to hear some opinions on this but imo would be interesting.


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Interesting idea tbh.

But I would make it optional as it would be hard to make 25 people to leave clan .

To make it work all clans would need to hit 100 cap then after option would appear to reduce size of it to 75 with reduced rune cost activation as you said.

"Compressing" clan would be free but going back to 100 should cost regular fee.

It is somehow good way to keep rp up during slow seasons.

Not urgent but interesting .

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#10 Stats : a mid-tier clan with rank 5 runes, soon rank 6. populous :

#9 Unity : a clan ran by 1 guy, has a ton of RP but is dead (5%) tax

#8 Wpack: a clan of strong toons that make good gold Rank 6 runes?populous : 39 members

#7Tical : a mid-tier clan with some rank 6 runes. Several members have less than
1.5M RP populous : 99 members (10%) tax

#6 Dacia : A mid-tier clan with some rank 6 runes, It has several members with less than 1.5M RP populous : 97 members (10%) tax

#5 Loyal : A mid-tier clan with some rank 6 runes. It has a whopping 20 members with 0 RP donated. populous : 97 members (10%) tax

#4 Dtnor: A high-tier clan with many rank 6 runes. It has 13 members with 0 RP donated. populous : 84 members

#3 Merc : a high-tier clan that is steadily declining. rank 6 runes, 17 members with 0 RP donated. populous : 75 members

#2 LoOnY : a high-tier clan with rank 6 runes. populous : 95 members

(not counting the 0's, as many are covered by an individual)

#1 BLOOD : A high-tier clan with some rank 6 runes. ? a clan that has a a person that has donated over 1 billion RP over two toons. But the clan has 3 inactive masters with 0's. populous: 91 members (15%) tax

__________________________________________________ _____________

Every clan on this list is recruiting. There are a ton of inactives, and a lot of people are having to carry the slack for RP for inactives. I don't think the game has enough active players to fill the demand for filling the slots in the clans. I don't expect there to be a change in how clans work, but it could possibly be looked into, in terms of deciding how siegecraft will be added into the game. Not sure.

I don't think halving the size of clans will do anything to help, but maybe lowering the amount of RP it takes to upkeep runes. Then again, if you do that, peeps complain that the game is too easy or something. Idk

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id like to know how were steadily declining, i think merc is doing great 12 months with under 100 people playing and we still going strong RP stores dont mean nothing... if loony and blood wanna have rp competitions between them selves gl to them id rather see my gold going on upgrades... instead of into a pointless thing such as a billion extra rp...

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RP comes from gold. Companions made gold far more valuable and scarce. Maybe your clan can't afford the runes you once did at the new relative value for gold. Now you need to make hard decisions about where your gold goes to. Hard decisions don't require a patch so that you no longer need to make them.
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