Arena AFK Penalty
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Default Arena AFK Penalty

Arena AFK Penalty

Players who are AFK during a match will now lose the same amount of credit toward their double drop chance that they would have gained. This should discourage AFK arenaing without being crippling if it happens on occasion. But if you're AFK >50% of the time, you'll end up with near 0% bonus--and you will have earned it, too!

Thank you. Could you please continue to monitor and see if a rating decrease is needed too.
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Does it give u a message if you are dinged by being afk letting you know that you're getting a decrease in rating/bonus? My alt pretty much insta-dies in arena and is def NOT afk. Sometimes he dies before I can click attack... Does that count as an afk?
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No as long as you try to attack. You get notified if you were AFK.
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Unless this has been changed:
If your character/alt tends to die on the opening attack, during the arena countdown you can click on an enemy's face for participation credit. It is a good way for squishy toons to get their tokens/rating if they instadie and their teammates manage to win it for them.
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