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Other Nodiatis Clients
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Default Other Nodiatis Clients

Standalone PC Client Download here.

Android App Available on Google Play Store, or you can simply visit https://nd1.nodiatis.com/ on your phone's Chrome browser.

iPhone and iPad App Available on Apple App Store, or you can simply visit https://nd1.nodiatis.com/ on your phone's Safari browser.

Known Issues
-Appstore apps do not run in background, and will stop receiving streaming chat if they are unfocused for more than 60 seconds.

v3.279 Fixed mouseover issues.

v3.278 Lower font text color change cost.

v3.277 Fixed a repeated crash bug on death.

v3.276 Fixed creature gem placement.

v3.275 Smarter creature healthbar placement.

v3.274 Fixed enemy healthbar issue.

v3.273 Interface upgrades.

v3.272 Enabled new PK changes.

v3.258 Fixed sound error w/ Trickshot CA

v3.257 App Store Apps Updated to Our New Unified Codebase
-This new version of the Nodiatis app on the app stores fixes crash bugs and performance issues. It will also update for future patches immediately when restarted, rather than needing to wait for app store updates which used to delay phone patches by 24-48 hours.

Playing via Steam is no longer recommended since it will not allow you to make purchases. Players who have Steam based accounts can now convert to a normal account in-game by going to:
  • Account Options -> Change Account Password
By assigning a password it will automatically convert your account to standard, nonSteam logins. You can then login with your password at https://nd1.nodiatis.com/ or using the PC client link above.
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-New LG Classes

-Teleportation to Arena Stands for easy spectating of tournament


-Added a /flush command to toggle media flushing. You should not use this command unless you need to turn off media flushing (periodic unloading to reduce memory consumption) to test if it causes you to have less crashes, which is not likely. If you find that to be the case, please let us know.

-Fixed disconnection errors from rapid actions.

-Greatly reduced the delay for resending failed packets to the server which will result in more responsive clients when users have any packet loss.

-Fixed several bugs that caused the client to freeze or be unresponsive.

-Allows proper queuing and team formation for new arena season

-Fixes issues with being unable to click the paper map for item transport and fetching

-Fixes issues on Android that prevented the game from functioning properly

-Bug fixes


-More gem pouches

-More trade slots

-Fixed battle text issues
-Fixed removing your own gems from combat with right click

-Required for proper use of new arena season
-Servers are merged (no server selection options)
-Clicking a gem slot with an unusable or autocasting gem in it will automatically replace it with the next draw gem

-Fixed inventory and trading issues
-Fixed FPS throttling issues

-See http://forums.nodiatis.com/forums/sh...959#post198959
-This Android version now supports beast phone notifications by default.

-See http://forums.nodiatis.com/forums/sh...658#post197658

-Various fixes to sound and interface
-Added beast spawn notifications to iOS Nodiatis app. Android users still need to use the Glitchless Notifier found on the Play Store for this.

-Enemy health bars change color based on %
-New Legendary Classes and Skills Added

v3.170 (Mobile only version)
-Fixed a very annoying issue with dropdown menus on mobile which was causing touches not to properly register at when selecting an item on them

-Fixed issues with HotBar assigned item swapping that would cause an error concerning matching item data
-Item swapping will always take place with your current equipment set
-Item swapping hotbar icon will now show as empty when the corresponding inventory location is empty
-Fixed issue with server selection interfering with Captcha
-Item swapping hotbar icon fixed (won't be fixed on mobile until next version)

-The Floating Windows option has been removed. Each of the three floatable windows has its own toggle now.
-Chat icon on the lower left corner opens chat if clicked instead of options menu
-HotBar buttons can be unassigned
-Chat commands such as /c, /u, /g, etc can be assigned to the HotBar
-Screen lock command can be assigned to HotBar
-A Touchscreen options menu allows for toggling Two Finger Panning, Three Finger Zooming, and Auto Screen Rotation
-HotBar options allows for up to 4 rows of hor bar buttons
-HotBar options contains a toggle for only showing viable HotBar buttons (ie when in and out of combat)
-Added color to the drag hot spots for floating windows for easier moving/sizing
-Improved PopUp window positioning and scale for mobile
-Volume is adjustable by right clicking the sound effects or music icons
-Enter and Exit buttons take you in and out of the church as well as combat
-Fixed an issue with music looping
-Images which fail to load are reloaded instead of remaining blank
-Enhanced long term memory conservation by unloading unused assets

-Fixed issue with noncentered floating text (not fully confirmed).
-Any shift, ctrl, or mac modifier keys + exit combat hotkey will now force exit combat. The shift key combo does not work with certain keys like the numpad keys so ctrl should be a viable alternative.
-Added extra server selection buttons for easier and more obvious server logging/creation.
-You can click on an empty gem slot to automatically place the draw gem in that spot.
-HotBar functionality added, including all previous hotkey actions and:
- -Bulk Looting
- -Ally and enemy targeting
- -Assignment of Equipment/Rune Set/Gem Pouch master sets for fast swapping
- -Item swapping

-Blurry font and images issues fixed by reverting to older engine build

-Exit hotkey now works for buildings as well as looting
-Holding shift and hitting your exit looting bind a second time will force exiting for most cases
-Fixed error when hitting escape while typing a long message
-Audio decoding optimizations
-Text rendering optimizations
-Hitting escape will close open floating windows

-Fixed issue with backspace

-Updated for new arena version

-Fixed issue with unnecessary warning/error messages showing

-New arena season format change
-7 Free TCs when purchasing 25 Special
-Fixed issue where window automatically resizes to be too large when monitor resolution toggles
-Fixed issue where debug window too easily opened by accident
-Fixed issued where hitting escape while debug window open causes game crash instead of closing the debug window

-Updated for new arena season format

-Fixed an issue where holding down a key in chat to auto repeat a letter would sometimes cause your character to move if bound to a movement command.
-2 Free TCs when purchasing 10 Special

-7 Free TCs when purchasing 25 Special

-Secondary confirmation window is in a different place from the first to prevent accidental double clicks.

-There is now a primary and secondary binding available for every game action.
-Game controller/joystick support has been added. You can move the mouse cursor using the analog sticks, left click with the A button (xbox), right click with the B button, move with the directional pad, autoattack with back, autoshoot with start, and use the other triggers and buttons for gem casting. The analog pads and A and B buttons cannot be rebound, however, the other buttons and triggers can. MAC USERS: For XBox controller compatibility, you should use the Tattiebogle drivers found here http://tattiebogle.net/index.php/Pro...ller/OsxDriver

-Fixed issue with mouseover FPS. Now when your mouse is over the window, regardless of whether it has focus, the FPS should increase to the default level. This should make for a smoother play experience for people with multiple clients open.

-Added graphic icon for new cleanse effect

-Fixed crash bug when starting combat

-Derenium gem resale price change
-Fixed memory leak when resizing windows

-Fixed a crash bug involving inventory and storage resizing.

-Fixed an issue with the server selection menu not appearing in the proper place.
-Repositioned game tips to avoid conflicts with the south arrow.

-Indifference skill added.

-Updated to be compatible with new arena season.

-Tops lists will no longer give warnings about site certificates due to being IP referenced.
-Window scaling issue fix.

-Fixed an issue that made the installer give an error about a revoked certificate when installing.

-This patch is an attempt to fix the issue with random timeouts that resulted in you needing to restart the client.

v2.141 & v2.142
-More tweaks for auto relog and network optimizations.
-Fixed issue with popup menu showing up in combat even if disabled.

-An issue with repeated login failures has been worked around with an automatic client restart when detected.

-A potential connection issue is fixed.
-Hyperlinks cannot be clicked through popup menus.

-You are now able to buy X items from auction.
-Closing main windows via X fix.
-Can toggle equipment properly at altars.
-Can close floating windows that overlap confirmation popups.

-Rudimentary touch support added. A two finger press should register a right click. Not fully tested.
-An issue with inventory interaction while crafting windows were open has been fixed.
-Inspection will now occur in the floating window.

-Floating windows have been implemented that can be repositioned, resized, and rescaled. Note that scale and size are two separate features for the inventory and storage window. Scale affects the size of the icons whereas resizing the window affects how many of the icons will fit in the window.
-Fixed some issues with Windows 8/10 showing warning messages during installation.

-Starting with this version (not upgrading to it), automatic updates will work for Windows 8/10 users, provided you don't force it to install into Program Files
-Various changes to the error console to make it less obtrusive
-Better handling of cached file errors which should not invoke the error console

-The close button for the error reporting window is now at the upper left for easy access.
-Entering the magic shop will no longer cause an error about image size.
-Errors involving bad cached files will not open the error logger.

-Automatic updates! When a client is out of date you will be prompted to see if you wish to have the client patch itself.
-A robust error detection and reporting system. Serious errors will automatically display error detail that you should report to us on the forums.

-Battle text sorting will now behave as expected.
-Network tweaks that may help some who were experiencing latency spikes.

-An issue that occurred immediately after reset preventing collection mini games to get stuck again has been fixed.
-Finger pointer cursor added for bottom page links
-More optimizing has been done for latency compensation

-An issue with latency compensation causing some mini games to get stuck in an unfinished state should be resolved.
-A new "Window Sizing Options" selection is available on the options menu, allowing you to lock/unlock the main window (it is now locked by default) and select from pre-defined scale values. Set the scale to 100% if you are trying to remove all blurring

-The first time you load this client, it will default to 1.5x zoom. You can adjust the scale of the outer window and the Nodiatis stone border window independently (at by dragging any of the 4 corners), as well as move the Nodiatis stone border window (by dragging anywhere at the top of that window). Though there is not currently a good reason to reposition the Nodiatis window inside the outer window at the time, there will be when we introduce the ability to have other windows open beside it, such as inventory or chat windows.
-The client version will now flash red when it is out of date.

-A Fullscreen toggle has been added to the Interface Options menu at the very top.
-All issues with chat and map backgrounds becoming temporarily invalid or blurred when going fullscreen are fixed.
-Text blurring when you initially log on has been fixed.
-Issues with modifier keys remaining stuck down are believed to be fixed. This was originally causing issues when the alt key was stuck down after alt tabbing, causing gems to be removed when using the gem hotkeys instead of being cast.
-More optimizations for laggy players have been put into place. This will not fix lag, but it can reduce the effects caused by delayed or corrupted packets.

-Players with high pings can do some actions faster in spite of their latency. Things like Gardening, Dust Collection, and moving items around may go a little faster.
-Movement hot keys will no longer work while inside a town, however, they'll still work when you have other windows open like your inventory or map.
-Ping is displayed next to FPS if you have that enabled.

-An issue with chat still popping automatically when keys pressed has been fixed.

-This client now has the usual HTML links at the bottom. Players may need to manually increase the size of their client window to see them, however.
-An issue with the client requiring restarts to reconnect has been resolved.

-You can bind keys to the Numpad, but Numpad will not share functionality with the number keys
-Crit flashes will look normal-RT bars glow fixed
-'+' signs will show up in chat again

-Fix to long duration time display
-Better relog handling

-Recastable gem permanently greyed out fix

-Mousewheel should now work properly in stores
-All item stats will show up as opposed to just the last one
-Negative disconnect warning times at login screen fixed
-Wood axe and mining hammer spin properly

-Purchase page is now functional
-Auto relog repeat issues resolved
-Arena Bonus % display

-Armory furnace animation resolved
-Holding down buttons to walk will no longer cause extra delay
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Computing the probability that at least one of the following events will occur:
P(a or b ... or z) = 1 - P(!a and !b ... and !z)
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Computing the probability that at least one of the following events will occur:
P(a or b ... or z) = 1 - P(!a and !b ... and !z)
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