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Arena Rush Ratings Threshhold
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Default Arena Rush Ratings Threshhold

There has been much discussion about teams forming once rush is announced. The announcement is not really fair, but that aside. It is not fair for teams that have been queuing since the start of the season, to have to fight teams with no ratings that are formed simply to troll the persistent arena fighters. These teams are not equal to non-rush teams because they can't keep a team together for the whole season. If they do not have the ability to keep a team together and active til rush, they shouldn't be allowed to participate. That should be a requirement of the competition. If you will not limit these teams, perhaps you could institute a ratings threshold for entering arena rush, like 1k ratings. This would cut down on the troll teams formed at rush, but still allow teams to wait some before forming. Teams that form specifically for rush should not be allowed to participate. No matter how good their toons are, they are not really competing with the teams that queue that stay together and active for the whole season, and in that manner they are not qualified to participate in Rush. At the very least, you should get rid of the weeks early rush announcement. That way, teams that form late would at least have to anticipate Rush.
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I just came here to troll
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I think a certain amount of individual rating should carry over to subsequent seasons. Then rush teams can still form but have to work a little to grub everyone's hard-earned rating.

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You won't be warned again.
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