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Armor tier suggestions
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Default Armor tier suggestions

First things first. Let me make the basis for this post clear. I hate wasting time, as I am pushing 60 and not in the greatest of health, time is my most valuable commodity. I just completed a set of t9 armor and realized a few things.

1) The price of the armor is set in stone. Strigiformes sells in Faar at xxx gold. End of story.
2) The amount of armor pieces need to get to any given tier is set in stone, ie. T5 takes 16 pieces, T9 takes 256 pieces. End of story.
3) The amount you can do at one time is limited by the gold you have on hand and on other toons that you control in some fashion.
4) Even if you have the resources (gold) to go from T1 to T9 in one setting the process is insanely long. After all you are buying this armor and have already acquired the gold somehow, why should it be such a time consuming process.

Suggestion 1 (by far easiest to implement and no real reason not to do)

Allow the current rod to accept either 2,4, or 8 pieces of like armor and T-level to be placed inside for 1 click. In goes 8 t1 arms out comes 1 t4 arm. In goes 8 t2 arms out comes 1 t5 arm. Thus cutting the time invested by insane amount.

Suggestion 2 (could happen, should happen, so it might happen)

Make a new rod just for armor, must have insanely long name and cost at least 1m gold. If you throw Mishba?s name in that insanely long name, I?ll pay for 50 of them for Jeff to hand out randomly to players. (Is there that many active mains??) Anyways?..

New <insert name> rod has 16 slots that allow 2, 4, 8, or 16. So t5 in one shot, and 16 t5?s = 1 t9, see how well that fits?..

Suggestion 3 (Probably the colloest suggestion)

Id like to see on the fly tier for un-morf?d armor. Say new caps spends 23m for a full set of Strigiformes armor. He puts it on without morfing it and is in town t2 3 days later and has enough gold to take the BP to t2. He right clicks on it as if to add a temper and a little options pops up ? Up-tier?? He clicks yes, and it shows to what tier he can select with gold on him at that time. As a bonus I would suggest allowing tempers and stones to survive this process until finally morf?d.

Note: Of course this post is to include any store bought LG armor.

Suggestion 4 (No way but I have to throw it out there)

Now the elephant in the room none wants to talk about or admit. Gold is achieved by chest or selling items. TC?s, no matter your view, are a sold as a commodity. The actual value is the argument. One could argue a TC is worth 2m and be right and another could argue it is worth 1.5m and be right. But for the sakes of this discussion let us say they are worth 1.75m ea.. I one would think that if you buy a t1 arm and click on it before its morf?d you should be able to tier it to any level as long as you had the tcs to cover it. Example, t1 strigiformes arm is 2.22???m so say 2.3m you buy it and now need only 255 more for a t9 and all day of clicking. Instead you click, get option to tier, yes, gold or tc, , you select tc, select t9, then 345 tcs and 1 click later you are done.

All I did was at one time or another buy tcs with real life $$ and sell them for gold then buy tons of t1 armor from the store (not a player) and click my butt of till it was t9. The time spent on pretending that it wasn?t a cash buy of armor is stupid waste of time.

I could understand a complaint of this if any items used in making this armor was player made or acquired thru resourcing, it isn't.

Jeff, here is a good way to pay for that nice new boat you always wanted!!!! or car or new wi....

Mishba, Wallet Warrior and Proud !!!

PS - Most likely I will never take another set of armor past t5 so this helps others more than it'll help me. But Tree would look good in a new shiny set.....
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