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Any chance you can check out resourcing and see if its broke... been farming a month straight every day all upgrades on my accounts and 100 wood cutting and epic tool ... and not 1 t30 pull nore pretty much anything over t27

its not only me i've seen a few clannies say they have farmed 90+ hours irl in redwood and not 1 t30 pull ???

and is their maybe a slight chance if it isn't broken maybe u can vamp resources some ??? i mean time cards climbed all the way to 1.7 million + yes u gave us BGT and MC but even then that only helps if u get a nice gold rush here and their because people who still farm NLAKE and or Gob Or DMV the gold is **** even with MC 100

just suggesting some things ... resourcing could probably use a buff the ah is dry as hell with it
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Nothing changed. It's working the same as always. It's not going to be changed.
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AH isn't dry cos no-one is pulling T30s, AH is dry because people are crafting LGs like they're going out of fashion. Look at the top toons in arena and how tiered their gear/weaps/pets are. On top of that Nodders are hoarding pulls if they don't need to sell. Never know when a gamechanger LG will drop and you'll want to craft sixteen of them.

I've seen multiple people LTB >50 T30s recently; DL was looking for over 200.

Gold and trophies in NL/DMV/GS zones aren't really buffed by BGT or MC because they're just above where the skills kick in. Try +20 and you'll see a big jump.

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You won't be warned again.
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