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Enter Amount: and Enter E-mail: commands
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Default Enter Amount: and Enter E-mail: commands

Hi Glitch,

Is there any way the coding for these commands can be changed so that an error doesn't auto-post the message in chat? The Enter Amount ones aren't so bad, but I've seen two new players recently accidentally post their emails in civil due to deleting the space after the colon or some other typo. I doubt anyone would do anything malicious with the info but it might be a little off-putting as a new Nodder.

As an example:

I type "Enter Amount5 omg this r also a test" and hit Return, the message automatically goes to uncivil as that's my default.

I type "/Enter Amount5 omgt this r also a test" and I get the "Invalid Command" message and nothing goes to chat.

I think when the "Enter Amount/Email" and similar commands fail they should get the Invalid message. I seem to recall that used to be the case.

Here is a screeny of it happening today:


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There is already a filter preventing you from accidentally putting your account log in chat "you probably don't want to post that" or something like that. The email, reroll and playerkill and confirm deathmatch should all be filtered imo.
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to be honest Glitch should just make so it's not a chat command, and actually open a box like when you get invited except you type your email/password etc in it, would be better so errors like that wouldn't happen
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Good idea Enduir and Kitty. Enduir's suggestion is easier to implement, and will be done soon.
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