Guardian CA
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Default Guardian CA

Glitchless, please let Guardian CA add (for example) +10% chance to block for 10 seconds (or something like that). Currently, the CA is of no real use.

Back on those days, epic 99 weapons were the highest dps weapons in people's hands and Yeti's were the best pets on their sides, that small absorbing shield from the guardian CA was probably of some small use, but now with all those high damage inflicting LG weapons and pets around, the CA doesn't do anything.

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Is not just the Guardian it is most of the classes that were set on an specific amount, even the damage ones are a joke now and basically it became an indirect buff for the abilities classes that are based on stun, mes,blind,weapon master, enchanter, trapper, etc etc.

Is not only a problem with the class abilities is a huge problem with balance over all that havent been taking into consideration at all.

Go regener build and it will solve 90% of your problems, if you dont believe me stop on Fa'ar or Ustenar and inspect the cap toons, 90% of them have regeneration and uses the 500+ per tic builds with the gems.

The temporal fix ( i hope) was to add a damage boost on PvP after certain time to counter that regeneration and the tanking stats cause not even draining will counter the gems and regeneration ( which is absurd) so basically all you want to do is tank the first 3 minutes and then either wait to get lucky to see who 1-3 hits someone or go berserk and change to full damage and fire all at once to avoid getting outregenered.

My point in relation to your request is that everything needs a review or else nothing and just join the train of 1-2 builds just with different weapons but same builds.

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Actually used properly this CA is good.. especially once you get level 90. None of the damage ones are bad either.. one bonus kicks in DK and Ranger CA's are devastating.. The only thing thats going to kill the guardian CA is the release of the new AoE damage...

But a good tank can stack a nice shield on support/DPS pretty quickly..
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