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falsely accused of scamming
Old 11-28-2019, 11:56 PM   #1
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Default falsely accused of scamming

While lfsg in /c last week, Noremorse responded "I don't group with people who don't settle large debts." Or something very close to that. I asked him what he was talking about in /t, where he accused me of being an alt of Neptune/Amaresh/Jayali, and being a former member of the clans Gamer and Water. He did not specifically say what the debt was or who it is supposedly owed to, but refused to believe that I do not currently, nor have ever had, any association with those players or those clans.

A fellow clan member told me that if I posted on forums, Glitch could do an IP search or something or other to prove that my account has never been linked to those others.

I have never asked for a loan in this game, never borrowed from anyone. To hear that I have potentially been blacklisted by any number of players, however small, because of a debt that has nothing to do with me is very disappointing. Hopefully this can get cleared up soon.
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Don't take nore too seriously. Amaresh is indeed shady/scammy but nobody else thinks you're him. Glitch doesn't usually get involved in loan disputes or confirm/deny whether two accounts are played from the same IP.
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We don't typically get involved with situations like these, due to the muddy waters and the fact that the accused typically has some level of culpability, and the argument is about what amount.

In this case, it does appear to be someone who has been wrongfully targeted and in danger of being blacklisted due to a bad hunch. An IP/clan/trade history reveals: Karold is not, nor is connected to--in any way--the other 3 accounts listed.
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Thank you Glitchless for quick response!
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