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Default Tops list

Can we have a seperate "tops list" for Booners please????

Although boon is a brilliant addition to the game, can we have a tops list for "the old school" players who have been loyal to nod for years now,

I would just like to say now that i have nothing against booners, but they do have a destinct advantage after or even during rebuilding their toons.

It would be nice too if non booners had some sort of xp bonus over booners(when boon runs out) because after all boon is for rerolling your toon and or changing primary classes. So non booners should imo have an xp advantage over booners when boon runs out
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/fully support
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To quote Glitch: "If it is so easy to become OP with boon, complainers should use it"
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Why should there be a different tops list for booners? all booners are doing is rerolling with the gaol to get back to there total exp, getting stronger is there own gain in taking the time to reroll.
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