Auction House blues
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Default Auction House blues

I am now able to craft Legendary pieces, but there's a constant problem.

I've sold LG Crushing weapons without problem. But selling LG 2H Piercing weapons is completely impractical.

BREAKDOWN of costs for a crafter with September 2019 market prices of materials:

Example: LG 2H Piercer Fang Spear of Conjuration

6 Hellborne Cloth (T30)............750k each... 4.50M
6 Starfire Berry Dye (T30)........750k each... 4.50M
7 Eternity Dust (T30)...............750k each... 5.25M

10 Pleskorn Leather (T30)........2.8M each... 28.0M
105 Mongoose Leather (T1)......pennies
8 Livmalign Ingots (T30)..........1.4M each... 11.2M
105 Citrine Ingots (T1).............pennies
12 Everhold Resin (T30)...........825k each... 9.90M
75 Heaven Harbor Resin (T18)..nickles

That total is 63M plus change.

Let's assume that market material costs are off by 10% and are cheaper than these prices. So that's around 57M craft costs.

Let's assume that you are a vicious resourcer enslaving your own virtual family without shame to harvest rare materials day in and day out and your only respite is arena trolling with cute set ups of triple Angel-CAs and triple Enchanter-CAs mez lock... and instead you sell your 20% cheaper still.
That's 52M plus change.

There isn't a reason to put one up in the Auction House - or you can't without taking a loss.

Please, please, raise the gold cap.

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agreed. or have overflow turn into some sort of gold bars with a set value so they cant fluctuate like gold. (pays 63m for pierce) sellers gets 50m (assuming gold is 0) and 13 1m gold bars... non stackable

I dunno..

omg i wanna sammich nao
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