epic hp unlock.
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Default epic hp unlock.

suggest new way to unlock epic hp potential. 5% per beast kill. which is a huge rng thing unless ofc built to kill beasts on a team aka team of 3 vamp or 3 tacts with dps and perhaps cross taunting if one of them aint a mage so they can ea keep eachother alive if done right so they can dps beast for 30+ seconds. which there are team like that ofc :P made up of op caps who dont need the epic hp. so hard to beat them to kills when ur a nub who does need it.

epic beast giving epic hp is fine. same for tc and bb. but i believe there should be another way to unlock epic hp potential that isnt so rng and ghey to help newer pilg peps....heck even older toons who just suck at getting beast kills <_< like elephantman....who has like 50+ epic hp unlocked from tasking...but only enough kills to use like 20% of that <_<
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It's been almost exactly a month since my last beast kill, I'm at 9/10% epic hp and I go for beast almost every day and I still haven't got one.

What am I supposed to do when I start working and I'm not on here 24/7 to attack every single beast just to fail because a group of vamp/tact level 90's that already have 100% epic hp unlocked kill it for the third time in a row? You could make it like buying a new task you can unlock 1-5% using Gold or I'd even use a TC to unlock the next 5% so I don't have to waste my time hunting the beast. That's about the equivalent of having to change my secondary to Tact/Vamp or paying someone to help me get a kill because I've already tried and failed over 20 times. Or maybe after you attack so many different beasts it give you % because you obviously need it. Automatically unlocking like 5% after finishing your first or any pilgrim isn't a bad idea either.

New pilgrims or caps that want to do a pilgrim that actually need the hp can't get it because people that already have it are more likely to kill it again. Or RNG just says screw them they get hit for 180k damage 8 times while the next group get's missed 17 times in a row.

I've spent more time trying to unlock 20% of my epic hp than I have doing the pilgrim it's self by now albeit the first one didn't take very long. I just don't see the point of having to pilgrim to unlock hp just to have to turn around and get beast kills to unlock the hp you already spent weeks if not months of farming with no gold and trophies to unlock, again.

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finishing a pilg should unlock it imo, not beast kills. pilgs are long and expensive as is. Completing that task on it's own is a pain in the ass, (4 more stats is just kinda weak imo)

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