PK and PKK Revamp Idea
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Default PK and PKK Revamp Idea

Here are my thoughts about the PK/PKK system.

First. The current system is way to punishing to both the weaker players and esp the PK's.

In my opinion, PK's should grant them a benefit, but also a demerit.

The Benefit in my opinion can be similar to the current boon x2/x3 for a duration based on the level of the victim. It also applies Soul bound to trophies gained while using it. But it also applies to gold chests/resourcing. Spreeing increases this duration.

For the victim they are returned to their last visited town, and the PK can loot up to 3 stacks of potions or trophies.

Now for the Demerits, The PK gains a visible mark on their avatar, which persists for 3 times the duration of the boon, and does not reduce its timer while in a town or offline(not bypassable by /afk offline either). During which time if they are slain by a nonpk player they are able to be looted for all non-equiped/non-resourcing related gear, and lose RT/RRT equal to the time remaining on their PK mark(not the boon) on top of the normal death RT/RRT loss.

For the PKK, they then gain a similar boon equal to what was taken from the PK, in addition to any drops they received from them.

This more forgiving, yet rewarding system, in my opinion will revive PK/PKK use. PK's will gain tangible benefits from using the system, however failure to slip away after the deed will cost them valuable RT and the boon in exchange.

This system creates a high risk/high reward scenario, and one not so costly that anyone could participate on either side without fear that they will lose months or years of hard work in a single day.
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