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There was a total wipe of the tops lists a while back, possibly a year.
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Why is nearly every other toon still on the topslist then? If there was a total wipe I am pretty sure the majority of the pk topslist should be gone.
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I did a real pk with lvl 20 alt last weekend, just for old time sake, and let me tell u the experience.

It took my main literally a whole day to find a target, there just aren't any real players in altimus and burdinia regions. I couldn't pk below 20 which really bummed me out cause I wanted to spree 1 shot lvl 5s. But oh wait, there aren't many lvl 5-20 outside anyways.

After my pk, only jewel attempted to hunt me, and tbh it was relatively safe, no one said anything or thought it was worth time. I mean low lvl epics are **** now too, what's the point pkking for a few hundred k profit when u can 1 gold rush that,

So my conclusion is only pk action left is high lvl, which requires lgs to be effective cause any real player are so buff. And as Paulo said, the loss of all skills and lgs for a lvl 85 is such turn off.

My suggestion: remove pk bonus, because I think ppl pk for fun, not for bonus. At same time, let them keep skills, but okay to lose lgs.

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