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DoT-Gems: Stacked effect vanishes
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Default DoT-Gems: Stacked effect vanishes

I use DoT Gems: Black, Green und White. I stack the dots multiple times and the dmg witch is shown gets bigger, but than the damage and the dot vanishes all at once!

This is the behaviour I would expect:

Time___________0___5___10___15___20___25___30___35 ___40
Toxicity: Gem1_Start-----------------------------End______________
Toxicity: Gem2_____Start------------------------------End_________
Toxicity: Gem3_________Start--------------------------------End____
Shown DMG_____ 2___3___6____6____6____6____4____2____0___

This is what happens:

Time___________0___5___10___15___20___25___30___35 ___40
Toxicity: Gem1_Start-----------------------------End______________
Toxicity: Gem2_____Start-----------------------End______________
Toxicity: Gem3_________Start------------------End______________
Shown DMG_____ 2___3___6____6____6____6____0____0____0___

I don't know if it vanishes after the end of the first gem or later, but all the stacks vanish at once most of the time ( sometimes the expected behaviour happens, but most of the time not!)

Today I cast a gem (not sure if Toxi or Stigmata) and the Dmg has risen, but 3 seconds (!) later the whole stack vanished and I'm very sure that the gem wasn't resisted.

I don't know if there is a mechanic, that mobs can cleanse themselves? It was at Orccamp.

It would be nice if you would explain that mechanic to me, or if it really is a bug, fix it.

I'm a Jewler by the way, I first suspected that it has something to do with my class ability, because I cast Dots like crazy with my class ability

Thanks a lot, regards Jio
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Old 04-10-2016, 04:28 PM   #2
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When DoTs of the same kind stack, their damage is added and the duration undergoes a weighted averaging.

Differences in the exact timing of when the 2nd and 3rd DoT are cast will vary the length of the combined DoT, and depending on the length and damage left, you will sometimes have a final tick that is separated into two smaller ticks. The total damage will always be the same, which means you likely left a 6 of the end of your 2nd shown damage graph.
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Thank you!
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This will help you understand how DoT's work, with a little more detail if you are so curious. It is from another post I made a while ago helping someone with the Rogue CA's added poison effect:

Originally Posted by StormGuardian View Post
Thorough observations, but it might help you understand all your numbers if you first understand how DoTs stack. Assuming all gems are poison(so they stack), time is in seconds, and just knowing that each tick is 3 seconds apart, with the last tick often being a good chunk less than the rest, the formula works as follows:

Cast 1 gem : Damage over Time - ticks every 3s (last tick is less if duration not divisible by 3s)

As expected...1 is easy peasy! Now when you cast gems with some other poison effect on target:

Damage1 = poison damage already on target
Damage2 = poison damage on gem(this includes any bonuses normally)
Time1 = duration left on poison already on target
Time2 = duration of poison on gem(includes things like dark patience and hasten demise)

The new poison will look like:

newDamage = damage1+damage2
newTime = time1 * damage1 / (damage1 + damage2) + time2 * damage2 / (damage1+damage2)

newDamage over newTime is your new poison! newTime can also be slightly simplified to:

newTime = (time1 * damage1 + time2 * damage2) / (damage1+damage2)

So for a quick example, lets say you cast 2 gems, that are 30 poison over 30 seconds, to make the numbers easy, the 2nd gem will be cast 15 seconds after the first, halfway through it's duration:

First gem, is cast and starts ticking, 3 damage every 3 seconds. 15 seconds later, the 2nd gem is cast. The first gem has 15 damage left over 15 seconds. So we get:
Damage1 = 15
Time1 = 15
Damage2 = 30
TIme2 = 30

So the formula is:

newDamage = 15 + 30 = 45
newTime = 15 * 15 / (15 + 30) + 30 * 30 / (15+30) = 5+20 = 25

Giving us a new poison tick of 45 over 25 seconds, which will tick for 5.4 every 3 seconds...or in game, you will see 5 5 6 5 6...etc...to account for the rounding.

The way they work is that the stronger DoT(dps wise) has a bigger pull on duration of the new DoT effect. If you cast a higher DPS DoT after the same DoT is already applied, the total length will shorten if the higher DPS DoT has a shorter length than the one remaining on the target, or will lengthen if the higher DPS DoT has a longer length than the time remaining(will still be shorter than the newest DoT cast, but longer than what was left on the target).
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