Gatherer CA blind
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Post Gatherer CA blind

Gatherer's class ability blinds whenever I have any form of anti-incapacitate immunity available. Whether thraki arrow hits, or I cleanse, or Larc CA is used.

Prowler's blind is resisted whenever I do either of these options, but Gatherer CA does not. The fact it blinds even when using anti-blind options seems a bit strange.

This form of blind seems to be the only version that isn't counterable, Is it intentional?

I don't run the anti-blind gem personally, but I've heard from others that the CA completely ignores the gem.

This CA pretty much says " NO! you're going to get blinded, even though you're countering the blind" Lol

Why does it ignore every anti-blind option? I don't get it. I could understand if i missed with thraki arrow, or i ran hogs which have a chance to absorb it, but thraki arrow and larcener CA are both pure anti-incap abilities, upon my ability being used, or upon the arrow landing that blind shouldn't get through.

Unless LG blind is just considered something different O.o but that wouldn't make sense because I absorb prowler blinds from that CA. Help me understand lol

P.S. Derp, i happened to make this post right after Freaky made his by mistake

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Answering here:
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