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remember when i think it was austen venge and srci (not 100% sure on names) went pk and blocked off t2 to pk anyone who left?

i remember (on a personal note) when relic was a wee level 11 nub and we were pwning moss dung 1... then he grew up and left me in the dust lol

remember when abel and tallica made all those zach clones to try to annoy the **** out of me

remember when ADR (Ath, Dennis, Ray) were the original high end boss killing group (level 60s pwning rogg hills before all the accuracy buffs)

remember when the gold cap was 10 million and rayzor had it increased, then 25 million til just recently (idk who caused glitch to increase that)

remember when farming arena isle made you OP
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Pepperidge farms remembers

omg i wanna sammich nao
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Originally Posted by Master View Post
Remember rayzor and rage.
Remember when pride was a top clan.
Remember when we had duel tournaments on the troll bridge
Remember when pk was exciting.
Remember when it was exciting to find a epic 39 piece or finding a zc was a big deal
Remember when being in a clan had no benifit and was just cool
Remember when rogghills was the op spot.
Remember when glitch chatted with us in chat, and even told storys and jokes.
Remember when you made your account there was like onky 20 faces

...... Remember when melee toons were good?.... Im.just playing I wont start! Lol
I remember, and Relic was pvp king. Ghost and others were OP.
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"Well said, I think I'm the only one to win against Glitchless." Legend has it Palehorserider beat him. As the story goes Glitch said Rider was OP. Its what came next that was harsh.

But again, just an old Legend.

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I remember when Bobby Boucher showed up at halftime and the Mud-Dawgs won the Bourbon Bowl!!
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