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Ideas to help renew the playerbase
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Post Ideas to help renew the playerbase

Tonight we are having a heated discussion in civil/uncivil on how to have new players try Nodiatis (and keep playing).

I will list here some of the suggestions I have read in chat, please post other ideas you might have.

- It started with Flippynifty suggesting that we could increase the shared bliss amount, so instead of 1 gold per dollar, maybe 10 gold per dollars spent (125 bliss = 1250 gold).

- Nibbles already suggested (another thread) that blessing potions could be at T1 - Castille, as it helps new players a lot when compared to other potions.

- More advertisement, perhaps done by us players in platforms such as Reddit and the likes (suggested by Tipcrys);

- a monthly trial subscription for new players to try accel, double accel, virts or some sort of mix. This would be limited to a one time thing or something similar to prevent exploits (suggested by a toon named Regenerate);

- daily, weekly and/or monthly rewards - nothing substantial, just some candy to reward active people;

- clan profile pages - I think I have seen Glitchless or someone else mention this, but basically to have something (perhaps even in game) that asks if people want to join a clan and give suggestions based on filters. Maybe even have a guild hall in T2 - Stronhad or something similar with a specific interface for choosing a guild.

I am trying to be impartial here, and I agree with Noremorse when he said that Flippynifty's heart was in the right place, but his ideas needed a bit more thought.

But I do not agree when people say that just because we have leveled to lvl 85 in the past without boon, double accel, etc, other people should go through the same. With this mentality, then we wouldn't have boon and quest exp, which I consider amazing implementations.

The key point here is to have new people trying the game, and staying if they like it. So perhaps by restricting some of these new potential implementations to players under 80 we could avoid unwanted exploits.

Please leave your thoughts on this.

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Nodiatis sales are up 31% in 2019 from last year. Players should focus on how to make characters better, not try to play sim-RPG.

The best thing you can do is be polite to new players and answer their questions--their actual questions. What we see more often than not is a new player wants to know something, and rather than getting an answer they get a series of incredibly boring instructions: a list of the most powerful weapons, where to get them, what class to be, etc, in order to level as fast a possible. No wonder they are bored if they don't get to make any decisions on their own. It's senseless to think that a potion to make that series of boring tasks take 10% less time is going to make them enjoy it more.

Don't tell new players what to do to maximize their level speed. Don't tell them XYZ class sucks for leveling because it's 50% slower than ABC. Just answer the questions they have to keep them from getting stuck and don't harass them for doing something that would seem stupid to a veteran. In order to get any enjoyment out of the game, they have to figure it out on their own, like you probably did.
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