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Default Arena Suggestion

Divide competition into leagues.

Competitive league:
Strict criteria for queue eligibility and team formation
1. IP link/lock to account - The same player must log in the same account to be eligible

2. Three different locked IP's required to queue. - This would avoid multiple people participating in a teams success.

3. One account per IP allowed to participate in the season (meaning 3 real people need to cooperate and interact, and talk and stuff). - This would prevent players with multiple powerful accounts from making multiple teams that never have to face each other.

4. Higher team formation cost per account.

5. Richer spoils, higher arena bonus per match and/or better reward to the top teams.

6. Instead of rush, the top two teams compete against each other, best out of 10 takes the title.

7. Permanent unique title

Recreational league
Normal arena rules apply as previous seasons. Players may have additional teams participate in both leagues.(not including a team registered for competitive league. no double dipping!)
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Sounds like a good idea but player base too small
Praise the hindu gods!
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well start recruiting! I like it

omg i wanna sammich nao
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