Syphon gems
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Default Syphon gems

a new line of aura gems that focus on turning your enemy's restorative gems to your benefit.

comes in 3 varieties: Mental Syphon, Blood Syphon and Power Syphon, which affect mana, health, and energy heals respectively.

an example of the gem's effect would be:
your opponent uses a gem such as manaburst, which gives him 100 extra mana.
if you have a Mental Syphon aura in play, then you would get a certain percent of that effect. (say it was an r3, and gave you a 15% syphon)
so with the aura, you opponent would get a 100 mana restoration and you would get a 15 mana restoration.
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no support
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Stand your ground, concerned white citizen !
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Player mistakes have to be lived with.
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I have it on good authority that the founding fathers were pro PKing.
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net mana geneated is above gems total deliverable.... should be 85 / 15.

maybe gems that deter burst / replen or ene manregy/hp gen.... interesting counter to reg builds?

just a thought
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