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New bosses magic attacks bugged?
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Default New bosses magic attacks bugged?

Discouraging gems have a % to prevent the entire gem from going off. If I recall correctly, bosses attack with direct damage. I do not recall if it is with DD gems or just a style of attack like auto-attack.

Every boss I've seen so far has had his magic "attack" prevented when discouraging gem goes off. By that logic, the magic attack is a sort of DD gem. My analysis is this on the new bosses:

When I use three or four discouraging gems at once (in order to make sure that the gem actually prevents the magic "attack" of the boss and NOT the stun/mez gems that come right BEFORE the attack sometimes), I do get a "prevent" on the attack; however, something else happens. The new bosses STILL sends AOE gem "balls" at my teammates faith and gwen.

I just prevented the "gem," so how did it still have ANY of its effects go off. Here is the direct quote explaining the discouraging gems from the AoE Thread:

The first line of defense against any gem are things that are triggered when a gem is used on you such as the effects provided by Do Unto, Discourage Jeweling, and Incidental Reflection. These checks are only performed on the initial target of the gem. If such a trigger is successful it will prevent, reflect, or mirror the gem in its entirety.
Notice that last part? This is what confuses me. My gem PREVENTED the attack, so why did the attack STILL hit other people? I have never heard of a monster being able to use 3 gems at once, because I don't think that Glitch has programmed ANY creature to do that..otherwise I'd have my entire party MEZED/DAZED/STUNNED the entire fight.

Is this a bug?

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Maybe it got tru your gem but your pet resisted it , the new bosses do use aoe gems
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The new bosses don't play by the rules. they are more like legendary beasts then bosses
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New bosses are like epics and LG beasts. What looks like an AoE is a spread attack that deals lesser damage to the secondary and tertiary targets.
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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
New bosses are like epics and LG beasts. What looks like an AoE is a spread attack that deals lesser damage to the secondary and TERTIARY targets.
This term is vastly underused. Also, we need multiple mobs in single encounters
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