Conditional Draw Gems
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Default Conditional Draw Gems

This idea is about flavor and strategy, but also provides Glitchless yet another way to balance PvE and PvP.

I'm talking about Gems that are or aren't drawn based on whether certain requirements are met.

Below are a few Examples, but I'm sure there are even better ways to use this idea:
Meteor (Red)
Can only be drawn normally 15 seconds after Combat starts.
Damage would be about 150% the amount of other Red DDs.
Note: This makes the "unkillable" characters more killable, after 15 seconds, while not making DD casters even more destructive at the start of a fight.

Envy (Black)
Chance to draw is equal to the positive difference in Health percentages between your enemy target and you.
Forsakens the target, dealing the difference in Health between you and your enemy target over X seconds, and healing you half the amount over X seconds.
Note: This means you only draw if you have LESS health than your enemy target, and if, for example, you have 35% health and the enemy has 60%, you have 25% chance to draw this gem.

Valor (Blue)
Chance to draw is 20% per gem you have less than your enemy target.
Place a gem from your pouch directly into play.
Note: This means if enemy has 6 and you have 3, you have 60% chance to draw this gem.

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This idea is awesome! Support.
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