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Secondary Classes: Guidance in Demand
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Question Secondary Classes: Guidance in Demand

First off, I've played Nod for quite a while a few years ago so I'm rather familiar with how things work. However, back then there were no secondary classes. I can't say I combed the forum for info, but I did check here and there and I'm not satiated… yet. Here are a few questions:
  • How is a secondary class different than the primary one? No stat exp. bonuses? No special ability? Certain limitations that concern a class only if it's chosen as secondary? Or maybe the primary one suffers in some way then?
  • I read that there's supposed to be a lv. 40 skill that has something to do with secondary classes. But: my char is currently lv. 4 or so, and when I go to the church, I have an option to choose a secondary class right away. How come?
  • Does it matter when you choose a secondary class? Or maybe it's better to stick to one class only?
  • What else do I have to know before I can safely choose to go double?
I can't think of other questions now, but I'll be sure to ask if any comes to my mind. I suppose many other newbies would love to know the answers to the few I mentioned above.
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1. No stat exp bonuses/penalties. You get the second class ability though. You are certainly limited in that you don't get the resurrection abilities and you don't get the "only use 1 gate" abilities.

2. Yup it shows up no matter what level you are but you can't choose it till level 40.

3. Choose it whenever the **** you want but it's usually best to get it as soon as you can for that extra bonus.
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Yea, it's a shame you can't get the resurrection ability. I was hoping for this. Anyway, great thanks for an Ă¼ber fast reply. That clears all my doubts.
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