Unmorphing LG gear?
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Default Unmorphing LG gear?

Is there any way this could be implemented?

I haven't really thought this through to be honest, but I was just thinking that it would be nice to have a feature to unmorph lg gear.

For example, I have a tier 2 bp which I have no idea what to do with it, and I thought it would be easier for me to just get strigi bps to uptier to say tier 5 than trying to uptier my current tier 2 spellbound bp.

As for the cost, perhaps heroic essences (scalable with the tier of the item you want to unmorph)?

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A follow up:

Say you have a tier 3 morphed lg sleeve, you could uptier it to t4 using a regular store bought lg sleeve. It would then turn into either a morphed tier 4 lg sleeve or unmorphed (not sure which).

Perhaps soulbound if at least one of the lgs used was soulbound, or unsoulbound if none was sb.

Suggested by Demonkiller and Shershah in Civil chat.
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In the past, I've suggested having essences for store lg armor, so you could remorph say a tier 3 demonskull chest back into t3 strig chest, in order to continue uptiering it.

Though I'd like for the new essences to be cheaper and use another set of mats to craft, so that the suggested new essences don't make it harder to obtain the essences already in use.
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no support, tierings a gold sink for a reason.
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