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Arena "Fix", so called.
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Default Arena "Fix", so called.

EDIT: The title was a mistake, it was originally meant to include possible fixes to arena if required, but I have decided to make that into a later post.

There's been a lot of mixed opinions on how solo arena is working for people, and with the end of the season coming in the near future, i thought it made sense to compile a list of exactly what people like and dislike about, and possible "fixes" (so to speak), to address them if it's needed at all.
This is by no means an exhaustive list, so feel free to add your own thoughts / suggestions without bashing or trolling or whining. Ain't nobody got the time for that.

Let me start by saying I think solo arena is giving a lot of lower-levels the chance to get some tokens, because nobody apart from those wanting temp arena (which are few and far in between) will take them into their team. I've made nearly 600 tokens here and 1k+ on tso (my 300/400 matches lost notwithstanding), which is more than I've ever made in previous seasons.

1) Your group is luck-based. you could end up with Thorin or Neme on your team, something that will probably not happen otherwise unless they're humouring you. (no offense intended)

2) You're not dependent on a group. No more waiting for group members based on time zones, or having to suffer a rating loss for taking a new member in.

3) Variety. You dont have to groan and give up when you see the same three faces that beat you in the last round show up again, because this time you dont know who they are.

4) Quick thinking. You dont know who's on your team, which helps you adapt to an unfavourable situation if it arises. There's also less of the blame-game, which is something I've heard a lot about.


1) Trust. You dont know your team, and they dont know you. You're not familiar with their builds or style of play, you don't know what they're doing and how they're doing it. (mostly)

2) Unbalanced Teams. Having a team with a permanant tank, dps and healer really helps your confidence. You might end up as 2 tanks and a noob vs. 3 DoTers, and everybody knows how that ends.

3) Queue is longer. Some people in different time zones do have an issue where queue rushes only take place at certain difficult times, causing them to be stuck in queue for upto 3 hours between matches.

4) No teamwork. Everyone is doing his or her thing independent of group members (mostly), which takes the teamwork factor out of what essentially a team mini-game. And pretty much the only PvP one.

There are a lot of suggestions I have heard in civil, but I may include them in another post. Your suggestions / ideas / criticisms would be much appreciated, as they would actually make a difference here, as opposed to doing it on civil.

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:{ you groan when you see degen and Thorin's 270 cleanse from quiver against you
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