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potion making consist now or Ac pots and miti and stone and that's about it support new potions
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Originally Posted by Kerrlahg View Post
Today I was talking to Hoodrat about some new ideas for Nodiatis. One idea that stuck out and made the most sense was about potions.

In the current state of Nodiatis, potions are fairly underutilized, and potionmaking is one of the least popular crafting skills, especially from the commerce side of it. A large number of the potions on AH are defensive-boosting potions, mostly Armor potions.

There is not much demand for the current offensive potions, mainly because the current ones are severely lacking for most characters and build-types. If some new offensive potions were patched into the game I could see them doing many beneficial things. New potions would revitalize the lost art of Potionmaking as well as create a new gold and resource "sink" for the economy, which is bound to bolster the strength of the currency and demand for mid-tier resources.

I propose new offensive-oriented potions. The new potion recipes could be quite expensive to balance their power, use different resources (to increase or decrease demand for specific resources in game since potions could contain anything in-theory) and even take advantage of Epic or potentially Legendary item rarity. Currently all one needs to craft any potion in game is lvl 100 potionmaking, and as we know, the new modified max-crafting skill level is much more now then it was when potionmaking was first patched in.

Here are the ideas that have been tossed around so far:
  • Potion of Haste: Grants 5% (r1) to 20% (r15) to Melee, Ranged and Pet Haste.
  • Potion of Bloodletting: Grants 5% (r1) to 20% (r15) to minimum melee damage & direct damage sources.
  • Potion of Resistance: Grants 5% (r1) to 20% (r15) to Resistance to all colors of magic.
  • Potion of Max Damage: Grants 5% (r1) to 20% (r15) to maximum melee damage & direct damage sources.
  • Potion of Critical Damage: Grants an additional 5% (r1) to 20% (r15) chance for all attacks to do critical damage.

I'm interested to hear if any of your guys have any ideas for new offensive-oriented potions. I really believe this would do so much good for the game, so let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to any input from the community.
Support, What about potions restoring 25%,50%,75% and 100% of hp? This game is in desperate need of hyper potion IMO
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hmm... this would certainly make OP arena'ing much easier, but then again, the potions are available to everyone.


EDIT: where would these potions be located, in a town or as a mob drop?
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