Extra Gem Draw Slot
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Default Extra Gem Draw Slot

I have posted this idea once, somewhere, but it never got any discussion.
I think this is more than just a skill idea.
Please be constructive.

Have more Gem Draw slots at high levels - the slot where gems you draw from the pouch appear.

What this IS for:
- Reducing the impact of luck in the outcome of battle, in turn increasing your merit.
What this is NOT for:
- Buffing your character
- Increasing your draw speed. (*)

1 - At high levels, when your pouch has dozens of gem slots, the chances of drawing a certain gem or even any among a specific group of gems is very low.
Example: Needing to draw Mana Burst or Mana Burst Cantrip even though you have 4 of each (8 total) in a pouch of 50, gives you a 18,(18)% chance of drawing them, assuming 6 gems are already in play.
Drawing 1 gem at a time means you might as well keep getting everything but the ones you need.
Drawing 2 or 3 gems at a time greatly reduces the chance of not drawing what you need.

2 - Gem Handling takes care of Auras, but only at the start of the fight. If for some reason your gems are removed from play, you are once again at the whim of luck.

How to Implement?:
- One of the existing skills (or a whole new skill) grant an extra Gem Draw slot at the skills of 50 and 100 (I assume 3 Gem Draw slots suffice).
- (*) Once you put a gem in play, all Draw Slots are emptied, meaning you get more options, not more gems - so even though you can get up to 3 gems per draw, you can only play 1 gem per draw.

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Any thoughts on this?
Make sure you read the orange part.
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