New Stat System
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Default New Stat System

I think Nod is too old to implement this system, but it's an idea if Glitch decided to make another game or a new version of Nod.

The idea is to encourage specialization, rather than hybridization (similar to the theory behind resourcing). Additionally, it would making leveling much harder.

1. Stats would no longer be capped at 140.

2. When you level any stat skill, you receive a 25% exp penalty to the three stats you didn't level. The exp needed to level a skill is based solely on your highest skill- if you have 139 melee and 1 def, you will need the same exp to level def to 2 as melee to 140.

Please don't get pissy about this idea, I don't know why it seemed like a good idea, but it did. Blame the salsa.
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Old Delay/(1+haste%) = New Delay

For slow effects, use the slow % but as a negative.

Just repeat for multiple effects.

DO NOT multiply by 1+slow% to get your new delay. 1*1.4 is not the same as 1/0.6 and your answer will be wrong.
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Sorry, but I have to get pissy at this idea.

Mostly, because it feels like you didn't think it through at all.
I say this because if you look at your idea, you're penalizing players for investing into more than 1 stat group...

Just do some math - apparently you didn't - and you'll understand.

A game meant to offer a great deal of customizability needs to actually penalize stacking a single stat, otherwise a huge amount of builds is automatically rendered unviable.

My favorite kind of stat progressions is closer to what Guild Wars 1 offers in its Attribute System.
I've made a suggestion about it a while ago.
Adapting that concept to Nodiatis:
- Melee, Defense, Magic and Recovery are "Attributes"
- Str, Dex, Cnc, etc are "Stats"
- Every Attribute Point you gain grants you X Stat Points (SP) to spend in Stats of that Attribute.
- The amount of Stat Points per Attribute Point starts high, and reduces by 1 everytime you reach a certain Treshold.
Example (hypotetical):
Melee 1 to 99 Attribute Points = 4 Stat Points/Attribute Point
Melee 100 to 149 Attribute Points = 3 Stat Points/Attribute Point
Melee 150 to 199 Attribute Points = 2 Stat Points/Attribute Point
Melee 200+ Attribute Points = 1 Stat Point/Attribute Point

With finely tuned Tresholds and Stat Points per Attribute Point you should see all kinds of competitive builds with all sorts of Attribute/Stat distribution.

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