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I wouldn't mind tc-bought cosmetics, although I also think perhaps craftable ones wouldn't be too shabby.

Perhaps something to use all the crappy tiers of uncommon resources that are flooding the market?
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I actually like the graphics of some of my armor, maybe have an option to paint it which hides stats? Kind of like when you paint over stains on a wall, theyre still there, but you cant see them
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I dont mind what they come up with just as long as it is something . Arena is the worst so going back to hiding if only on same sqaure is pointless. If u come up with a killler combo they can inspect easlily figure your weak spot, or copy and do it better.
I have 3 lg sets and dont use the 1 i use in arena for much other then arena .
No inspecting during arena would be easy enough to solve most of the complaints

Now that the 127 heroic boss has been knocked out only thing left to do in nod for many is to attempt to win arena . I have some intresting builds in mind but allowing inspection would make it to easy for some to counter .
And if it was to hard to fcoubnter they would just do it better
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