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After arena abilities cool-down.
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Default After arena abilities cool-down.

I've noticed that after the arena fights end, we are returned to our zones fully healed up except our abilities, that is Class abilities and shatter are still on cool-down. I don't think this is supposed to be this way, as it might hamper someone's farming abilities.
One of my friends had the misfortune of encountering a boss, and simply because his CA was recharging and his shatter had not cooled down caused his death.
I'm sure, most will comment that he should fight easier things, wait for the abilities to recharge and blah blah blah. My point is, that like all our Health, Mana, Energy and our abilities are recharged pre-arena fight. They all should be restored post arena fight as well.
Please tell me if this has been posted earlier, I could not bother to search the entire forums for this. Thanks.

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Support! Being restored to pre-arena state would be nice. Resetting CAs and Shatter seems only fair.
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reset suits too plox....it's annoying if you change suits in arena then match ends and you enter combat since you remain in the suit you changed to

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