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2H Slash Player Guide
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Default 2H Slash Player Guide

2H Slash Player Guide
Class: Warrior
End Stats: 140 59* 140 0*
*You can use either one depending on which you would prefer, I used Magic for Cnc so I could use auras better.

When enchanting your items I would put most of it into strength.

Levels 1-19:
Stat Distribution: (when you hit 20 this is what your stats should be)
Melee: 45 (2 Str, 1 Dex)
Magic: 1
Defense: 35 (Evenly distribute)
Recovery: 1

I recommend raising all of the following skills evenly with your level, but 2 levels above if at all possible, if you are rerolling, Boon makes this easier.
Weaponry, Protection & Beastmastery
Slash: (Will go in depth later on)
Critical Strike: Even
Overcrit: Even
Two Handed: Don't mess with unless you are going to be using the level 9 epic 2h slash.
Hemorrhage: Even
Suiting: (Will go in depth later on)
Blocking: (Will go in depth later on)
Parry: Even
Testudo: Even with Blocking
Petsmanship: (Will go in depth later on)
Wound: Even with Petsmanship if using attack pet
Life: Not used
Diabolism: About half your levelw
Mind Bending: Even
Blue Magic: Even
Grey Magic: Even
Wizardry: Up to 10
Gem Handling: Up to 10

For weapons use the level 2 1h slash till the 6, then 11, then 14, then 16, until you get to 27 in which case use the 27 2h rare slash. (If you are going to be able to use epics go either level 9 2h or 15 1h.) For the armor suits use the level 3, 6, 11, then jump to the 20 when appropriate. (I would not use the level 9 epic armor suit because it is way to overpriced and doesn't last that long, and I would not use the 25 either. Also, I have found the level 13 rare suit to be a little short used for the price, so I usually skip it too.) Use the same level shield as you armor suit. For pets get to 10 for the rat a soon as possible, then jump to 18 for the chipmunk. (The duckling is expensive to buy off of the auction house, so I would not recommend unless you get it as an epic drop.)
For magic, use the Daze/Mez/Stun Immunity auras, along with an Aura of the Sloth, Ephemeral Shields, Mana Rampart, and various Taunting gems for when you group. Leave some slots open for escape gems.

Levels 20-39
Stat Distribution: (when you hit 40)
Melee: 85 (Str: 2 Dex: 1)
Magic: 1
Defense: 75 (Evenly distribute)
Recovery: 1
Weaponry, Protection & Beastmastery
Old Skills:
Same as before, mostly keep them even to 2 levels above your level, equipment skills will be explained later on.
Notable New Skills:
Double Attack: Even
Slash Spec: Even
Mirrored Blade: Even
Ferocity: Even (but not essential, you could just as easily only have it at half your level, and this is only if you are using an attack pet)
Same as before.
Gem Handling: 20
Gem Shattering: Get at least one skill point in this one, more are not that important right now, but will help some.

Go from the 27 slash to the uncommon 38 2h (this is actually better in terms of DPS then the rare 35 2h). By now, you should be paid and able to get and use epic weapons, so when you get around 45 upgrade from the 38 slash to the epic 53 slash. For the suit go from the 20 to the 27, then the rare 36. If you cannot afford the 36 set then use the 38 set. (If you went epic go from the 25 to the 39.) Blocking is not as important here, you can level it somewhat with your level for bosses or PvP, but it is not essential and is the choice of the player. For the pet, I would level Petsmanship up to 30 as soon as possible, and equip one Puppy and one Chippie, to have an even pet/heal going, but you could use two chippies or 2 puppies. When you hit petsmanship level 37, I would try to get Swans if possible, or one if you are doing ½ damage pet style. (If the player wants, they can use an epic rabbit in place of a puppy.)
For Gems, I would keep up about the same composition as before, just getting better ranks of the gems when feasible.

Level 40-59
Stat Distribution: (when you hit 60)
Melee: 125 (2 Str 1 Dex)
Magic: 1
Defense: 115 (2 Dur, and then switch between leveling the other two)
Recovery: 1
**When you hit 40, you get the ability to get a second class, for the purpose of this guide I suggest you get one of these:
Beastmaster (For tanking with a whip)
Weapon Master (For pure DPS damage)
Vampire (For pure DPS healing)
Guardian (For tanking)
Angel (For healing)
Priest (For healing)
Weaponry, Protection & Beastmastery
Old Skills:
Same as before.
Notable New Skills:
Slice: Even
Precision: Even
Fire & Ice: Even (very good skill)
Same as before.
The 53 slash should be good for awhile, but start looking for a 75 epic slash as soon as possible, this weapon is amazingly good and will be good till the 99 epic, but they are hard to find, so get the 73 slasher as soon as it is useable. For the armor suit, go from the 36 or 38 to the 45/44, and then to the 63 rares. A really good option is the epic 58 suit, which would keep you until the 78 epic set. For pets, upgrade to a seal and a rare 46, then 54, and then 62. (Epic 45 sheep if you are going epic.)
For gems, just upgrade your current ones.

Level 60-79 (Almost there!)
Stat Distribution
Melee: 140 (Str 2 Dex 1)
Magic: 39 (2 Cnc 1 Mst)
Defense: 140 (All Dur)
Recovery: 1
Weaponry, Protection & Beastmastery
Old Skills:
Same as before
Notable New Skills:
Strikethrough: Even
Vengeance: Even
Same as before.
The 75 slash will do you fine for awhile. Upgrade armor to 78 and you will be good with that. For pets use bats (69), and then boas (77) for attack and owls (88) for healing, or a mix of the two.
For gems, just upgrade the ones you were using before.

Levels 80-85 (YAY, you've capped!)
Stat Distribution
Melee: 140 (Already capped)
Magic: 59 (2 Cnc and 1 Mst)
Defense: 140 (Already capped)
Recovery: 1
Weaponry, Protection & Beastmastery
Old Skills:
Now you can level things over you level, good luck!
Notable New Skills:
Death Blow: Even, then overskill.
Now bring Blocking and all of the other shield based skills up to your level, then overskill.
Bring up whips to 74 at least, then bring in all the other beastmastery skills.
Same as before, level a few more skills.
The 75 will be good until the 99 epic 2h slasher for your main weapon. For tanking and high level bosses, use an epic 74 whip and a shield that is equal level with your suit of armor. For your armor, go to the 88 epic suit, and then go gradually to the 99 Backstabbing epics, and eventually a suit of legendary armor. You should be able to have 2 suits of equipment, one for PvE (2h Slash and Str enchanted equipment) and one for tanking/PvP (Whip/Shield and Dur enchanted equipment).
Use the gems you want here, the ones you think will benefit you most.

I would not take all of this to literally because I made this when my main was a level 24 (previously 52, though). I am open to suggestions on this guide, thanks for reading guys!
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