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'Player Guides and Help'
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Default 'Player Guides and Help'

The title of this thread is the name of this forums section because, by the looks of it, there are more than a handful of players who need to have their hands held and shown how to 'player versus player(pvp).'
This thread is based entirely on my opinion/s, but the information I provide seems like some of the best methods on how to beat a specific class and/or damage source.

Against Casters

Optimum classes against players who rely very heavily on Mana and Energy:
-Dark Knight

Preferable damage sources:
-Shield combo

Preferable Auras:
-Devampiric Mana
-Devampiric Energy

-Guardians can deflect those pretty, purple, high-end numbers back onto the caster. The caster kills him/herself.

-Whips and Pets can not only heal nice amounts of damage, but Growl is a very nice skill, which is not based on your character's stats, but rather, is a flat percentage to avoid any form of damage.

-Dark Knights have a bonus to Detrimental Auras. Setting Sloth, Devampiric Mana, and Devampiric Energy auras in the third through fifth slots in pouch is key. Being cast upon multiple DDs of over 1k damage drains something close to 200 mana and energy. 400 mana/energy total drained in one cast. Low bars means they have wait to regenerate, which gives you time to kill them.

Against Archer types

Optimum classes to defeat archers:
-Any melee-based class

Preferable damage sources:
-Shield combo

Preferable Auras:
-Can't think of any specific auras to use against Archers

-Guardians can deflect arrows back onto the shooter. Also, since Blocking relies on Agility, raising this further extends the gap between the Archer's agility and the Guardian's - meaning the Archer's chances to Kite are low.

-Melee-based classes can swing their damage sources quicker than an Archer fires his arrows, which means more procs going off(ie. Bloodlets, Criticals, multiple swings etc). The reason I recommend Crushers and Whips is due to their ability to stun. As mentioned above, more procs, and more stuns going off - attacks slower than a melee's attacks on top of being stunned means the Archer only has small windows of opportunity to damage you.

Against Crushers


Against Whips and Pets
The one everyone's been waiting for.

Optimum class to beat Whips and Pets:

Preferable damage sources:
-Shield combo

Preferable Auras:
-Damage Negation
-Damage Reflection
-Damage Mirror

-A Paladin's bonus, along with high enough 'Palisade' and 'Shared Bliss', a Shield, and an Epic Breastplate would be more than enough to destroy Pets' low damage.
With a Shield equipped, the Whipper would kill him/herself with the auras mentioned above - low damage due to the immense amount of AC and the Damage Negate/Damage Reflect auras.The Epic Breastplate would keep having its effect triggered by the low damage and instead of being damaged, the bearer would keep being healed(or protected, depending on the Breastplate's effect).
After reading over this, I'm thinking Pets are weak and still need another buff...

Against Slashers

If it makes Slashers feel better, I couldn't come up with a method to beat them if they were wearing a Shield. No 'Slice' prevention aura, such as how Stoic completely asterisk-asterisk-asterisk-asterisk on Crushers.
As for dual wielding Slashers, don't complain. As I've said before, there are more than plenty of resources available ready to be used successfully against anyone and everyone. Can't beat them with this? Try that; Can't beat them with that? Try this.

Against Rogues/Piercers

Optimum classes to beat Rogues/Pierces:
-Any class

Preferable damage sources:
-Any damage source
-Shield is overkill

Preferable Auras:
-Damage Negation
-Damage Reflection
-Damage Mirror

Piercers shouldn't be used in pvp, as they are right now. They're somewhat similar to Pets, as far as damage goes. With the three mentioned auras in play, the Piercer kills him/herself.

Against Shield users
Can't think of a solid way to beat a Shield combo, yet I mention Shields as one of the preferable combos to beat most of the mentioned classes/damage sources. Shields are too OP! nerf pl0x.

I hope this information enlightens most of the people whining and saying "oh i cant beet yu in a dool pl0xerz nerf." I'm not saying everything I mentioned in this thread is engraved in stone. There are tons more variables and whatnot. I'm certain there are more methods to being successful, or perhaps now competent, in pvp. Just thought I'd share a bit on how I would go about doing so.
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