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Default Zones

Currently in the game, there isn't a reason to farm 100+ zones for most, I was thinking to make stuff more interesting for everyone make a zone or make a mode like heroic, but have it drop either new lg's or something new that has really low chance of dropping, maybe even like a new heroic ess that lets people morph there legendary weapons.

You could also make it so the new zone/mode applies a degen on the players, making it so regen doesn't work, this would make healers and tanks actually useful in pve which would make people group farm together a lot more, which is fun for everyone rather then the continuous grinding 85-101 zones on toons that farm fastest, that everyone is stuck doing for gold.

This was just an idea for a way to make the game more interesting for everyone
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idk about the drops but +1 for something to make more zones worth while to farm.
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I agree, group farming could use a small tweak
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Thumbs up I agree, group farming could use a small tweak

in a game that forces players to work together in clans, group farming should be
more relevant. In another thread someone suggested that there be an LG skill that
buffs exp gains for group Acumen and loot.

Personally i don't think it should be an LG or epic skill, but a casual skill that is beneficial, and fun for everyone. the only fun we get from that is 3v3 arena, high level bossing, and maybe if a tank needs help with a heroic mob in faerie forest or something. but there is ZERO benefit pretty much to TRIO farming, let alone DUO.

Another idea, A skill that has the chance to get rid of the grouped exp/ loot penalty.

Idea #2 : Hot zones, ( same for everyone) that apply to everyone, but give a bonus to group farming.

Idea # 3 : a very , very, very rare chance of getting a legendary TP while doing heroic bosses while grouped.

Idea # 4 : your passive EXP gains are also increased while group farming.

okay that's all i got. Anyone else got any idea's ?
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some Very OP rich people would sit on stockpiles of those LG weapon morphers and make an even bigger fortune, with very small supply.

LG drops might very well devalue LGs, and make the game an even faster pace, and again applies only to caps. random LG consumables will be treated basically like epic tps now, mostly dusts.

make the drop chance too high, and all that crap will affect the market, make it too low, and people won't bother with it at all.

any group farming EXP increases, will cause pilg, stat fixing, and going 140 on stats being a joke.

passive buff was really not relevant imo in any way.

hot zones for group farming might be interesting, but people will just join their own alts for double RRT burn on toons at the same time and get all the benefits on all toons, won't solve anything, people run dozens of toons. the "mm" in mmorpg sadly applies to every player individually because some like to break the balance using many toons and others try to keep up with them.

IMO all the low zones and their bonuses that are being wasted on caps are the real problem, focus on making that accessible to the caps and you got enough diversity. The coding is already there in the higher pilgrims +20/+40... and in the task bosses lvl adjustments, just tweak it to turn it into something awesome. prob a better effort/gain on the developers side.
It is a valid point because only few upgrades are done in the game at a time, and I don't find all of the options mentioned worthwhile, at least not in the current way it was suggested.
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any group farming EXP increases, will cause pilg, stat fixing, and going 140 on stats being a joke.

aside from pilg are they not already a joke?
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how about higher level zones, increases the tier on resource drops?
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Originally Posted by crazysuicide View Post
how about higher level zones, increases the tier on resource drops?
They supposedly do. but not really enough to warrant the massive increase in time per kill, the reduced gold average and lower exp gain.
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