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Default Nodiatis FAQ

Pro Tip
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Are the developers still active and making patches for this game?
You bet your sweet ass. Nodiatis is our #1 priority, and we have a thread dedicated to laying out the pending game patches and additions that players can give their feedback on: The Annual Most Wanted
We always complete at least x4.0 worth of patches per year, so let us know which of those you want to see most!

Is it worth it to buy Time Cards aka TCs?
Short answer: yes. Long answer: hell yes. You can play Nodiatis for free, however, to fully enjoy the game you will eventually (the sooner the better) need to spend $25 to acquire your first 5 TCs. You should immediately right click one and use it for "4 Weeks Standard" and the others you can use as you see fit. Save them for future "4 Weeks Standard" and you'll be paying a whopping $5/month to enjoy the game the way it is meant to be played - without player trade restrictions, with more daily rested time, 2x passive experience gains (even while offline), 5 extra inventory slots, 1 extra gem and rune slot, and with your face visible in chat so you can hold your head high as a contributing member of Nod society.

What do I do? Somebody help me!
Follow the instructions of the tutorial. It is very short and will give you an idea of how to buy items, equip them, get quests, fight creatures, loot items (you can click the word "LOOT" to make it faster), and use trophies for skill advancement. If you skipped through the tutorial too fast the first time make another character and pay attention this time.

Forum Rules

1. Don't be a jerk. The only place where you can be unkind, discuss politics, religion, or anything not game related, talk trash or belittle any other players is in the "Uncivil or Off Topic" forum. Posters who do not abide by these rules will not be allowed to post on the forums. You must respect other players regardless of how stupid you think or know they are. Breaking forum rules can result in in-game punishment.

2. Report abuse, don't whine about it. Use the report post feature (icon at the lower left of each post) to report people who are breaking rule #1. Do not parse the rules and complain that one guy got away with such and such but you did not. He got lucky, you did not.

3. No Advertising. You may not advertise other products or games in any form.

4. No Bashing. Game bashing, company bashing, and developer bashing is not tolerated in any forum section. Constructive criticism is always appreciated and is better received when done in a respectful manner.

5. One forum account per person. You must only have 1 forum account. It should be the name of your main character. Contact us and we will rename your forum account to match if it does not already.

6. Balance Change Suggestion Rule

Nodiatis Game Rules

1. Do not give your password to ANYONE or use it on other sites! We will not ask you for your password. Anyone asking you for your password is a scammer. Use a strong, safe password with both letters and numbers. If your password is the same as your account name your account will not be yours for long.

2. Do not share your account. Sharing accounts by itself is not an offense we ban people for, however, it is a horrible idea that opens you up to the threat of banning due to another person's actions. We will not provide support for the problems that will no doubt arise when you share your account such as account theft, item theft, account banning (if a person on your account breaks the rules, that's your fault), etc. The sole purchaser (the original and only person to make purchases on the account). If no purchases have been made, or if purchases have been made by multiple parties, the e-mail assigned to the account designates the owner. We will only allow password recovery and resets for the account owner and will do so at our discretion. We strongly discourage account sharing.

3. Constructive criticism of the game is encouraged but bashing the game, company, or moderators, will not be tolerated in any channel. To be on the safe side don't be an annoying jerk to other players in any channel. When in civil chat keep it clean! If you want to swear or discuss inflammatory topics such as religion, politics, yiffing, or drugs, use the uncivil channel or you will at the very least be banned from civil chat.

4. Be Safe. Do not play the game from a compromised/infected computer. Doing so can allow keyloggers to get your password and cause you a world of pain. To make sure you don't have any viruses or spyware we recommend you use:
Trend Micro HouseCall - Free Online Virus and Spyware Scan - Trend Micro USA
Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus - Best Protection. Free Trial Download
They are free.

5. You may not trade anything in the game for real life currency or assets on another game. This is the only way to prevent scamming from becoming rampant.

If you attempt to "buy" a character the seller will likely be able to take the character back by e-mailing us since we recover accounts when proof can be provided that you are the sole purchaser (the original and only person to make purchases on the account). DO NOT buy characters, you are being scammed and it is against the rules. Do not accept a free character, either. It is a way to trick you into using expensive items on the character which will be stolen after character recovery.

6. Do not mislead, troll, tease, or sarcastically misdirect players who are asking questions in civil. If they ask in uncivil let them have it, but in civil only serious answers to all questions - no matter how dumb - will be tolerated. NOTE: Being banned from civil is not a laughing matter, it comes with trade restrictions that you will not enjoy.

7. Do not speak on behalf of others who have been muted or banned.

8. Don't Bot. No form of automation is allowed. Multi-boxing is acceptable, but you can only broadcast 1 action to all your clients with each keystroke, nothing more.

9. Don't make or suggest making the game easier for new players. Nodiatis is not for the weak. An easy beginning makes for pathetic warriors, not worthy of the princess's communions.

Arena Rules

1. You may never purposefully lose a match. This may seem harmless, however, it can be used to gift excess rating to friends and thus is strictly forbidden. See for details. You may also not suggest that another player should lose a match to you on any grounds - this includes whining about them using Vamp/Tact CAs. It is there job to try to win the fight via any means, not to maximize your farming efficiency.

2. You may never purposefully hold a WEAKER team in arena in order to waste their time.

3. You CAN queue and avoid queueing whenever you wish. Queue dodging is an unavoidable part of arena, but it becomes very difficult in rush week.

4. You can ignore this complex rule if you don't share characters with other players, which you shouldn't be doing anyways. If two characters who belong to or have recently been controlled by the same person are on different teams and face each other, the match will be an automatic draw and all will lose 25 rating. In Solo queue seasons, only the offending players will lose rating and available queues. The matchmaking system will only prevent characters from facing each other if they currently have the same IP address, so if you are whoring your characters out (also against the rules, though not in itself bannable) to people on other IPs, you have the potential to face this consequence. When making a real money purchase on a character, that character's (and only that character's) IP history is cleared. At the start of a new arena season, all character's IP histories are cleared.

Arena Rewards

3v3 Premade Seasons:
#1 Team - Arena Champion - 10 TCs, 1 New Undiscovered LG Weapon or 2 LG Armors/Shields (tier I)
#2-3 Teams - Arena Title Contender - 10 TCs, 1 LG Gem (any rank) or 1 LG Armor/Shield (tier I)
#4-10 Teams - Arena Gladiator - 10 TCs
#11-15 Teams - Arena Veteran - 5 TCs
#16-20 Teams - Arena Challenger - 3 TCs
#21-25 Teams - Arena Combatant - 2 TCs
#26-50 Teams - Arena Qualifier - 1 TC

Solo Queue and 1v1:
#1 Player - Arena Champion - 10 TCs, 1 New Undiscovered LG Weapon and master plans of same item.
#2-3 Players - Arena Title Contender - 10 TCs, [two LG Gems (any rank), or two Armors/Shields (tier I), or master plans of the new LG and 1 LG Gem/Shield/Armor]
#4-9 Players - Arena Title Contender - 10 TCs, 1 LG Gem (any rank) or 1 LG Armor/Shield (tier I)
#10-30 Players - Arena Gladiator - 10 TCs
#31-45 Players - Arena Veteran - 5 TCs
#46-60 Players - Arena Challenger - 3 TCs
#61-75 Players - Arena Combatant - 2 TCs
#76-150 Players - Arena Qualifier - 1 TC

Players who have reward options must let Glitchless know within 24 hours or it will default to the option that includes the new LG or LG plan.

General Info

What class is most powerful? What should I be?
All the classes in Nodiatis have the potential to be very powerful in combat, however, you should play the one you most enjoy. Casters are difficult to play especially at first, however, with time they can become extremely powerful.

I want to cast spells. How does that work?
Spells are cast via the gem system. Quick start guide:

How do I level up?
Every time you gain 4 skills (out of Melee, Magic, Defense, and/or Recovery) in the Stats tab, you will gain a level. Leveling Class Enhancement or other Stats skills will not count towards your next level. When you understand the leveling process better you may wish to disable auto stat cycling under account options or the game will continue to alternate between melee, magic, defense, and recovery stat skills.

Can I have multiple characters?
Yes. And not only can have multiple characters but you can play them together if you are really hardcore. Read more here:

When can I use 2 weapons?
At Level 20, you have access to a new skill called Dual Wield. Once you reach Level 20 in that skill, you can dual wield two one-handed weapons.

What's Nodiatis all about anyways?
The Nodiatis storyline can be round here:

What are epic and legendary beasts?
Special beasts can spawn randomly with a server-wide message (for phone alerts, see below). These are ugly creatures that show up on the player list if you are at the same location as they are. You can and should force combat on them, since dying to them does not cause a loss of rested time. The first person to find and attack them gets a TC, and the group that kills them gets a TC. Killing a legendary beast will get you a legendary reward. Dying to epic and legendary beasts gives a stackable and increasing bonus to gold found in chests for a short duration.

The more epic and legendary beasts you kill, the more difficult it becomes. The game keeps track of how many epic and legendary beast kills you have (on separate counters) and will reduce the time-based damage bonus (similar to the PvP damage bonus in arena) based on this number. This helps those who have fewer kills have a better chance of succeeding, but still rewards the strongest with their just desserts.

How can I get beast spawn messages or special announcements on my phone?
Android download the Nodiatis app:
Apple/iOS/iPhone/iPad (the Nodiatis app):

How can I fix slow beast spawn messages on my Android phone?
Push notifications on Android can be delayed by default. To force them to come more quickly, we recommend you install this free app on your phone:

How do I delete/restart/remake/reroll my character?
You cannot delete a character in Nodiatis, however, you start from scratch again by using the reroll method. For details read this thread:

Does this gem/ability stack with that other one?
Unless otherwise stated in the effect description, EVERYTHING should stack except for aura effects of the same type. If a gem doesn't have aura in the name then it is not an aura. All damage over time gems stack because they are not auras. This includes Damage Over Time (DoT) gems which you can cast repeatedly to build up damage. Stuns, mesmerize, and dazes are the only exception in that they refresh the amount of stun, mes, or daze time rather than adding to it.

What is a time card?
Time cards can be purchased for $5 each and used to get game upgrades.

Can I trade among my own accounts? Do I have to buy TCs separately on each of them?
The same trade restrictions apply to your own accounts which prevent unpaid accounts from trading anything except in exchange for a TC. However, it is very easy to trade among your own accounts, and you do not have to pay $25 on each of them separately. You can purchase 5 TCs on one account and distribute those TCs among your other accounts, then use a TC on each of the accounts to acquire "4 Weeks Standard" account status. Then there will be no trade restrictions at all for those accounts since they will then have Standard account status.

How can I buy upgrades? Do I have to?
Players can buy account upgrades by clicking the $ icon on the bottom of their screen next to the rested time meters. In order to protect the game economy against mass free account farming, we only allow paid accounts to actively trade with other characters, but you could play the entire game through to the hardest creatures without ever paying anything if you really wanted to. You can even buy all the game upgrades without spending a dime by buying time cards from other players.

How can I see what quests I'm currently doing?
Simply move your mouse cursor over your accomplishments window icon on the lower right of your screen and read the mouseover window to view your current quests.

How come it says I'm too heavy to move or even gate?
The maximum weight you can still move/gate with while encumbered is 3 times your total decumberance weight.

How do I (un)ignore someone?
Type /ignore username or right-click on their player icon, and toggle ignore. Type /clearignore to remove all ignores.

I am getting blocked because of my school/work filters. Is there a way around them?
You can try to connect directly via our alternate IP addresses using a special port:
but your browser (and the filter you are trying to bypass) won't be able to verify the site identity, requiring you to click on advanced options (assuming you're using Chrome) and choose to continue regardless. Your connection will still be encrypted.

What is shared bliss?
If someone makes a purchase with real money, everyone online receives 1 gold for each $1 US the player spends unless they have disabled shared bliss altogether under account options. Note, players on your ignore list never benefit from your blisses - but blissing may make them realize they are on your ignore list so turn off bliss if that bothers you.

Where do I use spirit trophies?
In the altars inside the church where the seer is in each town. You can also use both combat and spirit trophies on the Altar of the Beast outside.

What is the maximum number of group members?
Three. Nodiatis is geared toward small groups of friends, not huge raids.

How do I convert a steam account to a normal account?
Simply use the change PW feature while you are logged on to your character. Then you can log in at and have access to full game functionality.

What is solo group? LFSG
It's when you are grouped with another player (or two) but don't fight in the same battles. This is so you can take advantage of the Group Acumen learning skill (click on the Learning tag in the skills window to see its description). The other group member can be any level in any area doing anything for you to get the benefit.

What is dismantling?
If you dismantle an item, you receive the master recipe for the item, and a stack of resins close to the store sell value of that item.

Is there more info on Stats/Combat?

What is a PK? How does world PvP work?
A PK is a Player Killer:

What is an LG?
Legendary item, which is even better than epic:

So what do I do with a master recipe?
Assemble the ingredients listed and use a quill pen to create consumable copies of the recipe. Then, you assemble the new ingredients listed there to create the item itself.

What are resins?
Resins can be bought in the General Store of each town, or from dismantling items. They are used for crafting.

What happens if I die?
If you die to a normal creature, then you will be teleported to the last town you visited and lose rested time minutes equal to your player level. In a duel you don't lose anything except time wasted to regenerate afterwards.

What are enchanting stones good for?
Enchanting stones modify your item's stats, giving and taking away an equal amount. This helps players achieve the stat ratios they desire.

I know I hate Daze, but why?
Daze causes you to attack random people, even yourself. Certain gems can cause you to be immune to daze effects.

I have really high Cnt, but I rarely resist anything, doesn't it work?
Cnt requires skill in Sorcery, Diabolism, and/or Mind Bending to resist spells since it modifies their effect. It also prevents you from taking extreme magic damage from high level creatures caused if your Cnt is very low.

I'm fighting a creature higher level than me, but I have lots of Dex and an accurate weapon, so why do I miss all the time?
Your player level compared to enemy level is a major factor in determining your chance to hit - the higher the enemy is compared to you, the less chance you have of landing a blow/shot.

What is a hell level?
Hell levels are levels which take twice exp it would normally need to finish. They start at level 9, and are every other level ending in 9 (19, 29, etc.).

I finished my battle, but why can't I gate?
If you hover your mouse over your RT bar, you will see that you need to be at full mana/energy/HP, at least 60 seconds (20/30 for RRT/RT on acceleration) since the last time you were in combat, and not gathering resources. You need to fulfill these conditions before you can gate.

What are virtues/epics?
Epics are equipment that have better stats then they would normally at that level, and are rare drops off creatures. You can use an epic for yourself, but in order to sell/trade an epic for profit, you must purchase the virtues it needs. A lot of epics share the same requirements so if you purchase virtues for one epic, then you may not need to if you find/buy another one. Virtues cost $4.99 USD or 1 timecard each, and there are a total 30 of them. As well as allowing you to sell epics, virtues give your character an additional 3.33% exp gain in all areas, which means that with all 30 virtues you will level at twice the normal rate. You can purchase virtues either by right-clicking an epic you find, or one that is in your trade window (trade doesn't have to go through). You can also buy them all at once with the virtue pack.

How do I clear my "cache" ? (Browser Clients)
Clearing your browser's cache can sometimes be necessary to force it to re-download game data that has been stored incorrectly.

For the HTML 5 and WebGL clients (default):

How do I get rid of the <SB> soulbound effect?
The only way to do that is to sell the item to a store and then buy it back.

Where do I find gear to access certain areas?
Travel gear is dropped off of bosses or bought in the general store of towns.

How do I get more gem slots in my pouch?
You start off with 5 gem slots, and after you reach level 5, then you will gain an additional pouch slot each time you gain a level, until you reach level 50, and therefore 50 pouch slots.

Traveling Takes Forever, Help!
If you find a great hunting spot and your bags are full, use gate potions to return to the last town you were at. Then use recall potions to return to the last place you gated from.

Can I rename/change/swap my name?
You can swap names with another character you own. You must read this:

Can I change my face?
You can select a new face for your character if you reroll. You can also buy a custom unique face. See this:

Why can't I hear sounds?
If that doesn't help, report the problem on the forums.

What is Demigod status and how can it be acquired?

How can I change the background color?
Yes, on the webpage version. To change your background color you need to add the color to the end of the URL, example for red:
View more hex colors here

How do I recover a lost account?
How do I contact Glitchless and get help?
E-mail for assistance with your account or purchases made for your account. For game mechanics questions (i.e. Why can't I kill the fisherman naked?) you must use the forums, however.

My connection to Nodiatis is bad or laggy, but it's good to other sites. Why?

General Mouse/Touchscreen Shortcuts
(Use Command instead of Control on Mac)
  • Click the "Loot" word above creature inventory to loot all
  • Click a stack of items twice to select entire stack
  • Shift + Click to select entire stack
  • Control + Click a face in local to force combat (great for PK/PKK/Beast)
  • Control + Click to select X amount of items
  • Control + Shift + Click and Drag to reposition the entire interface (browser only)
  • Hold a Click or Touch to Right Click

Gem Shortcuts
  • Shift + left click a gem slot to activate auto casting
  • Right click gem in play to remove from play
  • Hold alt or control while pressing gem hotkey to remove from play

Keyboard Shortcuts
Most of the following chat commands can be abbreviated by only typing part of the command - often just the very first letter such as /t Jerry Hi Jerry!
  • /arsenic - poison yourself during PvP combat to get it over with
  • /convert - converts your standard account time to 1/3rd as much premium time.
  • /message or /tell - used for private messaging
  • /civil or /shout - used to speak in civil chat
  • /uncivil - used to speak in uncivil chat
  • /buddy or /friend - used to add buddies
  • /filter - used to toggle dirty words filter
  • /group - used to speak to the people in your group
  • /clan1 or /c1 or /1 - used to speak to the people in your primary clan
  • /clan2 or /c2 or /2 - used to speak to the people in your secondary clan
  • /cm1 and /cm2 - sets message clan members see upon login
  • /ignore - used to toggle ignoring individuals or to list your ignore list
  • /clearignore - clears your ignore list
  • /refer - used to obtain your referral/recruitment link. See for details.
  • /signature - used to obtain your referral forum signature. See for details.
  • /dnd - used to toggle DND mode.
  • /inspect - used to inspect other players gear from any location or online status
  • /hotkeys - temporarily disables hotkeys, type again to enable
  • /copybinds - copies another player's key bindings
  • /copybinds Glitchless - reset your key bindings to default by copying an admin
  • /copyhotbar - copies another player's hotbar settings
  • /copyhotbar Glitchless - reset your hotbar settings to default by copying an admin
  • /bossbait - enables temporary affinity for attracting boss mobs if they are around in your area
  • /rerollinfo - gives info about a potential reroll
  • /lang - toggles the language translation selection drop box (browser only)
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