lg social skill idea
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Default lg social skill idea


This skill increases the amount of gold and trophys you get when in killing in a group of 3 by upto 33% The higher the zone the bigger the bonus.

works kind of like bgt but at a skill lvl of 100 it would give approx 1% boost to a low lvl zone like goblin swamp and by the time you hit aoe zones it would be giving approx a 25% boost in halcy river mouth and 33% in jungle of slumber. so assuming in a group of 3 you get 1/3 (or 33.3%) of what you would normally get solo with this skill maxed in halcy river mouth you would get approx 41.63% of what you normally get solo there (and 44.3% in jungle of slumber). while this is a pretty decent gold boost the amount of gold that's gotta be invested into this skill means it will take a long time to pay off but it would be a nice little boost for those who like to trio farm higher lvl zones.
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Similar idea was suggested before..... and nothing happen.

Anyways , it's still valid topic as Group Acumen is only for exp and at some point it does nothing .

So far (except for taking down big bosses or doing high zones/heroic) game is not group friendly.

There is no incentive for fast farmers to team with someone with less dps .

Even if we have perfect scenario where there is 2 twin toons they are NOT getting same gold/loot per RRT

There is 2x more cooldowns (zoom in , loot , chest ,exit) that applies to both characters not to mention if 1 delay with clicking that exit another will pay for it with rrt.

of course in some cases you have 2 openers and can in theory kill faster but in average there is no gold/loot incentive at all.

I support further incentives for those who group on same square as Group Acumen again becomes useless after desired stats are capped
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