S2 TC selling discourage
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Default S2 TC selling discourage

I recently talked with few new paid players including those i brought into game.

They cannot understand why after buying TC and selling it on AH even tho its says x exp received they only go so little levels in social.

I explained them penalty system but their answer got me thinking.

They agree that high lvl weapon is huge game changer but having high skills in social is just icing on the cake.

One said: why would I buy TC and sell it at lvl 5 while I can wait till I'm lvl 20 go pk and have 60 times more exp than I would do now (95% penalty+3x bonus)

People at low level have nothing to sell other than TCs.

I'm not saying to eliminate penalty for social the way it used to be before but at least reduce it let's say same way resourcing works (max penalty 70)

What you people think?
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U must think because as a pk u can die and loose everything. And if they buy TC's must buy many and invest in a good choices as accel and double accel and virtues to get extra exp, also in grinder and, not last, premium mode.
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It's already very easy to get Exp, I don't think this is needed.

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reroll, de lvl social skills. easy exp, just a little gold lost from the tax.
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