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Food for Thought for a couple of changes
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Default Food for Thought for a couple of changes

First bit would be a couple changes to classes.

There are 2 classes that a majority of players take as secondary classes, these being Tactician, and Vampire. They're the only 2 classes that provide invulnerability which makes them very desired and extremely OP(especially for Beast hunting.) To mix it up here's my suggestion, since i think having invulnerability adds even more of an element of luck to fights that are already influenced heavily by RNG.

Begin with 3% *up to 9% with class-enhancing skills) bonus to both preventing and performing parries, as well as 6% up to 24% bonus to equipment activated shields both fading shields and lasting shields, (excludes Testudo, and shields cast from gems)
Special ability - Battlefield Preparation
Casts an AOE 33% Melee, ranged, gem draw, and pet Slow on enemies, and grants party a 10% melee, ranged, gem draw, and pet haste for up to 10 seconds. 5 Minute cooldown.

Gain 5% (up to 15% with class-enhancing skills) hp in damage they deal with melee, ranged, and pet damage. As well as being undead Vampires have a 5% up to 15% bleed mitigation since they don't have their own blood running through their veins.
Special Ability - Immortal Coffin
A vampire never truly dies. The vampire resurrects themselves with 5-15% of their HP (depending on class enhancing skills) with a 20 minute cooldown (can only be cast when while dead and still in combat and/or being looted) *Note won't be useful if dying solo, or if the last to die in arena*
Another option for Special ability - Vampire's Kiss
Bites the enemy causing a 3,000 dmg bleed over 10 seconds to a single target, also granting a Heal over Time for 2,000. 10 minute cooldown

Class Ability changed to Thick Hide
Grants 500-1,500 Armor Class for 10 seconds, 4 minute cool down.

Weapon Master
Class Ability stays the same but adds 10% chance to ignore parries/blocks and chance to hit for self.

Grants 10%(up to 30% with class-enhancing skills) bonus to minimum melee damage and 15% up to 30% bonus to ALL Poison and Disease damage procs from weapons. (excludes armor, and gem casts)

Special ability stays the same

Now to change some items.
With the change to Rogue i feel that it will open up quite a few of the weapons that aren't used as much for some interesting builds. Now for the thing that 1/2 the player base will hate me for suggesting, but deep down will agree with me about.
KoKs are seriously way to over powered. 98.99% of all Beast masters use them because of how strong they are, and how well they scale.
So since managements stance on nerfing LG items that players have enhanced is a no go, my suggestion is to buff all other LG whips with the a 8-12% pet haste, as well as up their base damage numbers by about 50%, (or lower KoKs base dmg numbers from 23-86 to 10-69 cause that would be a lot easier than going through each and every other whip for the same effect.) Also another option if it's easier than tweaking all other LG whips is to add an effect to the taming skill "Provides up to 23% haste to pets on the same side as a whip" and then remove the pet haste from the KoK. Because honestly 23% attack dmg increase and 23% haste increase is a 46% dps increase to pets at tier 8 and that is just trumps all other whips. Even though there are many great whips with interesting procs that could really diversify the types of BMs out there.

Just my 2 cents on a few things. All the numbers obviously can be adjusted for balancing. And feel free to add anything if these changes made yall think of anything new that could spice up Nod.

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30% bonus to melee is way too much. everything else is w/e
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Originally Posted by Ideaman View Post
30% bonus to melee is way too much. everything else is w/e
meant to keep it the same, and be minimum damage as it currently is,
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Originally Posted by Aesonicus View Post
meant to keep it the same, and be minimum damage as it currently is,
a small buff to weapon procs would be nice, or maybe a skill that gave a bonus to the damage of them. Flashburns are still fairly useless, so there is an idea.
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