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Kicked from clan by acting clan leader on final arena day over a personal issue
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Default Kicked from clan by acting clan leader on final arena day over a personal issue

Dear Glitchless,

I was just kicked by Darklords over a personal issue on final arena day over a personal issue. Before that I was demoted by Darklords over same personal issue from Officer to Veteran.

I would like your opionion about this and a ruling please.

Kind reagards,

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Glitch doesn't get involved in clan affairs.
Praise the hindu gods!
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there is nothing in tou about kicking someone from a clan for personal reasons. if I think you're a douche and i'm the clan master. I can kick you. if I think you have an annoying face. I can kick you. there is no union in nod that fights for your rights or anything. nor is there anything preventing you from instantly joining another clan. I don't see the issue here. dl is abusing his power? but it's a power that has no regulations to begin with. otherwise we'd discuss things like demonkiller stealing misty from helzing. or mangayatay getting rid of seastar after she ran synod for 2 years. or thorin kicking kingzs when stor bribed him 3 years ago.

all of these are "douche" moves. (maybe not the helzing one =p)

but that's how it is. build your own clan and become a master if you want to not have to worry. :{ and don't promote other masters.
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That is a Low Blow...

Pun intended but Meaning also!
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