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Default Top 100 Arena

I was just wondering and discussing about the top 100 vs top 50 rewards with someone... and I found out that there were more players fighting in the arena when the system rewarded the top 100s.
The incentive for the "weaker" teams has gone down. In my personal opinion, I really feel like the rewards should be given to the top 100 to enable more players to actually fight in the arena.
Some would say that the weaker teams should spend money, get stronger and then fight for the place... but with the already stronger players hogging the first 30-40 places, the other teams don't really have any incentive to fight in the arena.
The top players know all about the strategies and builds and because of their wealth both of knowledge and money, they can adapt fairly easily. But the weaker teams/players on the other hand, they're not even interested to find these strategies and builds on their own. And therefore, to promote building of ideas and strategies in the other players, I feel arena should be made more competitive by attracting more people to play.
Nowadays it's all about the farming bonus and not about the arena itself - I too am guilty of fighting in arena solely for the bonus.
Just my thoughts.
Trolls are welcomed to comment on this post. :P
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You are not the only one that feels that way.

Arena needs a review and a revamp, Toplists can say that, current rating can say that and if u stay doing arena all day you will notice that people play only with bossbaits pretty much and waits for the last 3 weeks or so to play for real.

Some changes were good but others bad, i think its time to revive the PvP, not only for arena but for the Database of players actually playing and for the Clan battle system and the while PvP.

I just dont know what else to repeat or bring back from the past suggestions, i just would like Glitchless feedback about it and to bring back the Polls to see what people actually think, since many of the people that i chat with say that they are tired of bringing the same old suggestions and feel ignored or they just take breaks until something new happens and check it around ( i am one of those).

Anyways, i love the game and i would love to have that PvP / competitive ambient that we had before, it ended up when there was pretty much no more bosses or possible realistic things that require coordination, it got stuck at leveling Epic skils or obtaining small % thru uptiering things that take a huge amount of gold and or time for no difference at all.

I would love to have a Side vs Side monthly kinda thing , lets say 5 different colors figthing over a month on color battles to get a prize at the end, that way you could promote team work and coordination over the map and strategy and PvP , etc.

I dont know, im just trying to help to bring that alive feeling back.

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