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Amazon Drone Delivery Service
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Default Amazon Drone Delivery Service

So it has come to my attention that Amazon is in the process of creating "drones" to deliver packages to customers. So i debated the validity of this topic and so I proceeded to "Googled it." What stumbled upon was several credible news and media outlets and so I
proceeded to indulge myself in this topic. What i read was the biggest joke I've ever read to date. They're not even drones! They're little octocopters, puny looking ****. They have a battery life life of 30 minutes, thats not even hauling anything! They can only carry up to 5lbs. For ****s sakes, Amazon. Seriously. I outta just open my own delivery service with real government drones and call it "Cox Packages." Now picture in the theater of you minds, a drone cruising at 10,000ft. All of the sudden, its like look its Mr. Jon's house. And as it approaches the target, the bomb door open up and out comes this bomb and it begins to zero in on the target. As it gets closer and closer to the target, it turns out it's not a bomb and BLAM! The shell splits apart into bio degradable shards. And it's the package cleverly disguised as a bomb (for theatrical purposes) But what about the package? Its free falling from 5,000 feet you say? Boom. Out pops a parachute and your new edition of Martha Stewart's Guide to Heat Seeking Missile Technology lands perfectly safe in your yard. With a nice little solar powered LED light to signal its location.
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