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For the ones I know that may wonder ...
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Default For the ones I know that may wonder ...

... killed my toons through pk, meaning I'm out for good. I got to the point where I realized that what I was hating back in the day, was still in the game. The initial rush of a good amount of TC's that I collected through refer a friend and being away for years, and facing a catch up wall, came to a halt.

- encumbrance doesn't scale with the game over time. I would spend my RTT in gob swamp, collecting 4+ rows of trophies. Then I had to spend almost as long to move my stacks back to town. That feels utterly pointless to me and creates such an annoyance that I just rather not play
- no way to catch up without spending heaps of money: out of 1 TC I could just make enough gold to buy a new one
- the only way to improve my kill speed was a gem pouch and legendary gear, 10-15m for a basic pouch and well we all know how much legendary gear costs
- in order to equip my 6th rune I had to town walk, spend an hour last night doing after which I was wondering wtf i was doing in my free time
- in order to maximize income i would be forced to queue up for arena every 5 minutes, which is totally retarded since I get 1 shot by fully geared players, and combat gets interrupted mid fight , not to mentioned that I always disliked nod pvp, even when I had the 3 strongest toons in the game
- no trophy stacking at nlake for my alts: both were lvl 82 fighting black mobs, with normal accel and rtt, I was spending most of my time moving trophies on top of eachother
- pk system where a few players are so far behind that they have godmode, due to gear and pkk level restrictions
- I have whispered tons of familiar names I got along with back in the day. And more than half of them are now played by other people.

I love the theorycrafting about nodiatis, and the whole combat system concept with gems in your pouch. It's brilliant that every action you do has an impact on your character. And to some extend I do appreciate that you have to put effort into annoying stuff (like adventuring skills). And I do realise that after being gone for so long, there should not be an instant way to get back to the top. But looking at the choice between spending a few k euro to catch up or a 1y long grind, just to be able to face another pilgrim grind, made me decided that the cons outweigh the pros. If I play a game, I want to play for real. not just fool around a bit by spending each day rtt.

So long friends, I hope you all have a great time in nod!

Oh and the very little stuff I had went to rogue and nemisknight, who both provided me with insanely detailed theorycrafting feedback. And a special shoutout goes to ghosttamer and gurnisson!

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later bud, take care
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nobody likes to lose
If you make a sad face when you sing I hate you, die.
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Bye! It was nice having you. I know its hard to get back into the game, but thats what makes this game fun sometimes. That challenge
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Hate to see you go, and I'll be looking out for the pm in case you ever come back.
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Respectfully removed

What was, was, and what will be, has yet to happen....

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you left as i came back
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And Lurkee again just pipes in to troll. Nothing constructive just another useless forum post....shocking.

Good luck Z, you seem super cool although I know the PK part was pointed at me I don't mind.

I'm sure you will enjoy whatever game you go to.
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See ya dude, you were pretty much the only original toon left.

Maybe we'll see your drunken rants in Dawn one day?
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