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Why was my most recent thread closed? I didn't see anything in there that would be against the forum or game rules?

yet another thread which does violate them remains open

I'd like to point out the last sentence. Although this doesn't seem to be reinforced

Originally Posted by Sanlucifer View Post
-Just constructive criticism, otherwise i wouldnt care of posting it.-

I dont want to keep going because i believe there is quite a few more threads like this one, however i want to assure you that i am not even asking for game content or a new map, perhaps im being way to honest by telling you that the problem is not that, the problem is not the game, the problem is how you are handling it.

I am nobody to tell you how to run your business but i am sure that at least you can respect my opinion and mayhaps who knows, you could see a little light or some kind of good advices from this.

Originally Posted by God Stomper View Post
pussy. Just wanted to let you all know.

And I will continue to tout such things. At first I was going to quit Nod. Now it's my personal word to continue playing for the sole fact that I will never be shut up for saying nothing wrong. I'll just keep making character after character after character, and you'll never stop me, beeyotch.
This one being closed is nothing but banter against the game and developers. (title, Flame Jeff/Glitchless here) (future of Nod)

Yet I was banned for
catered above and beyond other games? You must not be a part of the MMO community.

many choices for cost to redistribute, 5% epic hp bonus, 1% to all passives, a x8 temper, and so on

either way, great input everyone.
Not sure how that bashed the game or developers in any sense. Valid comparison. I said that the feedback from the players resulted in the downfall of the community. Yet it was taken improperly and judgement was past hastily.

Which is reinforced with one of the banned toons being one that was also accused in point trading which resulted in another toon being banned. This accusation of win trading couldn't be valid if all 3 toons were indeed mine.

Why have ToU and Forum/Game rules if you are going to pick and choose what is acceptable and what isn't?

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Concede shhhhh. Just wait a couple more weeks please don't get banned again
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Bring con back he's truly one of my fav nod ppl (not that my opinion matters). Because I can always go to him and ask the math on skills and opinions like I'd ask glitch irl if we ever talked. He really knows his stuff and his opinions I find are quite relevant.

omg i wanna sammich nao

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We're adding another 30 days game ban and now a permanent forum ban.

The quote was clearly not what you were banned for, nor would quoting what you said to get you banned ever be a good idea, even if it had been the right quote. If you create another forum account or have someone post on your behalf it will be a permanent game ban as well. We will be including your 5 other characters that you asked for us to ban in your e-mail sent to us to complain about your ban.
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