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huge ass rant of update
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Angry huge ass rant of update

So now i can't do pilgrimage at my own pace because of this silly update?

As a player who has spent money on this game, I am now strongly discouraged. If i don't have the option to nom the TC's to keep farming, then why bliss?

Ideally my plan was to save as many TC's as i could, so that I can pilg from 86-90, and play the game at MY OWN PACE.

When i go pilgrim, Or farm, I do it hard. i did the first one in a few days, ( I could have done it in two days if i didn't grind hard the day before...) and I was planning to finish the other ones after saving enough TC's to do them from 86-90, as quick as I could. If i spend my money, and buy TC's from ah to do it, at my own pace. I should have the right to farm as much as I physically can handle it. This is not something i plan to do for the rest of my life, but when you have short-term goals in life and want them done you will work hard for it.

Many players have done pilgrim 1 in less than a week due to farming for for well, 24 hours or so straight. if we want to grind that hard to do something, the choice should be allowed. So now, If i decide i want to mass pilgrim, i'm limited to 12 hours per day, or 84 hours a week. and can't farm, Or if i just feel like playing my own toon for a long time, and making progress that's not allowed?

There are players who have jobs, and who are responsible to play the game for long periods of time. I've never, not ONE TIME. played a game, where I was limited to playing it for only certain hours at a time,... that's called being in Middle School, and being told to go to bed by your parents lol. I've never seen this happen in a game before, ESPECIALLY an MMO. the most time consuming games, where your time spent is supposed to be absolutely rewarding. What about players like DL, or myself, now it's suddenly fair for the people that did put in that time to grind hard, and now others don't have that option? Because anyone who plays the game a long time is just automatically a bot? Are you trying to force people to make Alts, so late in the game's lifespan, or just giving a big finger to the people who primarily play 1 toon?

The silly thing about this update is it doesn't even affect toon sitters! It encourages it, because who can physically cap out 84 hours a week on multiple toons? players should have the option to work on their own toon for long periods of times , and then work on another one later on. Maybe not all of us have the mentality of wanting to group and level toons together, maybe some of us want to actually want to work on our own toon, finish that first, and work on the alt later? ...
This update pretty much punishes players who play a main toon for long periods of time, but also punishes those who share a single toon among multiple players. it hurts BOTH parties. Leaving it the way it was before was actually a BETTER solution.

So what's the point? Our game's economy is doing fine, we've had 1.5. - 1.75m TC's for the past few months, which is WAYY cheaper than they were around November, on top of that dusts have dropped to 500k from 900k, skins to 200k, and various other mats have dropped. You think that the mats got cheaper because players are botting? No, it's because players are actually coming back to the game, and being more active! now it's being discouraged and the option to make progress is being slowed down???? FOR WHAT PURPOSE! WHY?

Believe it or not, some players ACTUALLY do have a lot of time to play games, and work jobs! being our parent and forcing us to play the game in short intervals makes no sense. Why even have the option to burn TC's for RRT, if it can't even be done because of the stupid 84 hour cap? If i want to burn TC's for pilg, or to farm the choice should remain the same.

Nodiatis is a game about Dedication and is a game NOT FOR CASUALS!, and the game just got a hell of a lot more casual by putting a time limit, on a game that requires a ton of grinding to get anywhere.

This update doesn't affect sitters, if anything encourages it. On top of that. it screws over individual players who play a lot, in an attempt to screw over sitters who farm an OP toon and farm it nonstop. But at the same time you're screwing over hardcore players who actually have time to binge and make good progress.

I don't know where i'm going with this anymore, But i don't see the point in the update. I've played Runescape, WoW, SMITE other big games and i've NEVER , EVER played a game that where the developer had to put a time limit on the game I've heard of laws in Korea, where CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE of 16 cannot play online games between 0:00 - 6:00 in the morning, but these are CHILDREN. we are ADULTS. WTF IS THIS UPDATE!

Rant Over!

P.S. Grey mobs/townwalking, Crafting, and trading affect this timer, and the first arena queue too! and we can't PL our friends now because we're on a time limit! if someone asks for help for a PL, i'll have to charge them because I only have a certain amount of time i can physically farm my toon in the game now! BS man... BS!
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