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I can think of one fix to this. When you win against a team, the next time you face each other you will have an aura increasing damage taken by 5% the next time you face that team. If you win again this increases to 10% and will continue to rise to a maximum of 50 %. At this point the loosing team also starts to receive 5% extra damage mitigation per fight so potentially after 20 straight wins you may be taking 50% extra damage while your opponent receives 50% mitigation. If the handicap becomes so great that the previous always winning team now looses then the handicap will revert to 1 stage before. this would mean a lot of matches would find a balance where either team could win (unless there is an extreme difference in team strength). Of course the amount of points you get for a win under handicap conditions would be adjusted accordingly to reflect the greater achievement. In arena rush these handicaps are all removed and it will be an even playing field to the end. This might add more to the challenge and give incentive not to dodge during the actual season. If teams dodge in arena rush they just slide down the rankings so not much of a problem.

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Another possible fix to dodging is to keep wins adding rating but change loses so you dont lose rating just like when under 500 rating. This would also encourage more activity in arena which i think everyone wants. Yes this would result in much higer ratings for everyone but the temper level requirements could be adjusted.
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In WoW there is the same problem of queue dodging and sniping. What they have announced for the future is a set time frame multiple times per week where they will have a special league. The normal ladder keeps existing for farming tokens/points/gear, but the end season rewards (titles) are only rewarded based on this new competition. The idea behind is that everyone will play at the same time, provided they are interested in the end of season rewards. The difference being in wow that EU and US are not on the same servers.
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I like Jadedsoul's suggestion, has it been looked into as to whether it would be more fair to the teams that work together all season than the current set-up?
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