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C/O/G Thread
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Default C/O/G Thread

This thread is going to be like the character thread, except for things like countries, organizations, groups etc.

Wow, this thread will be so much slower than a character thread.

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Sanctus Exercitus, The Nation of Light
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Default Sanctus Exercitus, The Nation of Light

Name: Sanctus Exercitus
Age: Approximately 2237 years
Type: Country Government Type: Monarchy
Ruling Body: King and Queen from Sanctus Royal Family
Founder: Zaphnel Sanctus
Capital: Sanctus Imperum

About Sanctus Execitus:

In a part of the world with no overall uniting force, chaos ran through the lands. Creatures tomented the bands of people that populated the area. Starting almost immediately after an ancient disaster nearly destroyed the world. Things continued like this for many years. Then, a man showed up. Walking in from the distant horizon, towards the almost non existent ruin. His memory was nearly gone. But he purged the area of the evil that was plaguing it. The people gathered around him. He soon called his name to be Zaphnel Sanctus.

Zaphnel was a central figure among the people. He help civilization rise up once again in the area. Real towns began to rise up and the factions and roving bands began to unite. He was named king and the Sanctus Exercitus was officially created along with the counting of years. Zaphnel's years continued into the hundreds, ruling as his family grew, each possessing strange powers as well as him.

Soon another nation rose up and made war with the Sanctus Exercitus. It's name was Atru Malum, a dark nation under an evil tyrant. The war went on for twenty years before Sanctus Exercitus made their way to New Dakr in the heart of Atru Malum. As fighting raged in the streets Zaphnel entered the castle doing battle with their dark leader who called himself Malum. In that fight Zaphnel came out victorious and the dark lord's power was sealed into a crystal and the evil beast that he summoned was also sealed. Later the power and beast being transferred into a special place near Sanctus Castle.

After many more years passed Zaphnel disappeared, leaving the eldest to tend to the nation, his name Enos Sanctus. The family continued to train and grow stronger in their control and battle prowess. Enos expanded the borders by allowing several growing nations to unite with Sanctus. Several exploratory expeditions were sent out during his rule, the maps growing bigger and bigger. Coastal cities were now within their borders to the west, allowing them to explore the sea. Wealth was greatly increased.

Next ruled Dolus Sanctus. He increased the military size and increased average annual income of the nation. Then, during the late years of his rule, the outer fringes of Sanctus Exercitus to the north east were attacked. The attackers pushing deep into Sanctus before reinforcements could be sent. Conquering most of what used to be Atru Malum. Then word was sent, the invaders claimed to be Atru Malum. Their leader called himself Atterimus. Soldiers who made their way back from battles claimed that Atterimus had great dark powers. Dolus soon rode to do battle with Atterimus but never returned. Presumed to be dead Dolus' son Tierme Sanctus became king. Meanwhile Atru Malum faught closer and closer to the castle. Eventually Tierme rode out with 60,000 men meeting Atterimus and his army in a large patch of woods near the castle. then Tierme realized what they were truly up against, no just men, there were strange creatures. Wild and ferocious, their claws could cleave a man in half. Then Atterimus, his skill with a sword was amazing. But then, there were the dark powers he controlled. Clearing out scores of men in a single wave of a hand.

In the end only a few remained. Tierme and Atterimus fought, the dark lord revealing his plans, to break the seal of the awakening and claim the sealed power within and realease the beast. Saying that his "power would be one step closer to completion". Teirme nearly lost, but in the end with smart use of his power he defeated Atterimus who complained about being "beaten three times now" before Tierme ran him through. Tierme proclaimed "You will be forgotten oh Atterimus the Dark Blood. On this day will memory of you be stricken from history. Only shall it remain in the memories of this generation and upon the stone that will be placed upon this spot in commemoration of ths battle." The year was 2134, 3rd moth, 13th day. The children of Atterimus made peace with Sanctus Exercitus, signing a treaty to never step upon Sanctus soil again, and Sanctus agreed to allow them their old land with New Dakr as their capital.

One hundred and fifty years after the battle Teirme met a young woman named Yeshiya, for whom his heart yearned. They later married, having two children. One named Ketotsue Sanctus, the other Vuxxa Sanctus. They grew up well, but then, after nearly two hundred years of peace Atru Malum broke the treaty. Another war ensued. Going on for twenty three years. During the ending years Ketotsue left to forge a blade and soon after so did Vuxxa. One night when Ketotsue returned unannounced, not knowing of the desperate estate of affairs. That night, the capital city Sanctus Imperum fell. The year 2236, 6th month, 6th day. Ketotsue survived. Leaving Ketotsue and Vuxxa both as the heirs to a country that no longer exists. Their mother Yeshiya also survived, being a traitor and daughter of Atterimus. And Ketotsue now carries within his blade the spirit of Atterimus.


Races: All Human
Religion: Belief in a god of light

Rites of Succession - In instances where the king or queen are deceased or are no longer capable of ruling properly, the son who has fully completed his training shall rule, or if there are no sons, the daughter. If none have completed the training, the sibling farthest along in their training rules. If two or more have completed training, tests shall be initiated to determine the most capable of ruling, or an evaluation of deeds already acomplished. After testing or evaluation, if still more than one candidate, a test of martial skill shall be initiated, if only one candidate remains, he/she shall assume the throne.
Capability Test - Tests shall be determined by Administrator of Court. Tests shall include knowledge of law and tests of leadership capabilities.
Test of Battle - When at least two royal candidates are still eligible for the throne after the Capability Test, the remaining shall show themselves in a test of their martial skills. The test involves pitting candidates against each other in 1 on 1 or 3 way combat until ultimately a victor arises. Though it must be stressed that these battles are not to the death. Until then all shall bear the title 'King' or 'Queen' until only one remains, though none shall have the full power of ruler.

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Sanctus Exercitus, The Rebels
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Default Sanctus Exercitus, The Rebels

Name:Sanctus Exercitus (Often called The S.E.)
Age: Around 7 Years (Though it's only been in it's current form around 3)
Type: Rebel Organization (Almost like a small country actually)
Ruling Body: A council of six people control The S.E. Called "The Council"
Founders: Mainly 'Vuxxa' and 'Ketotsue'. 'Isis' also had a part in it.
Headquarters: Called Sanctus HQ. Located only a few hundred miles from the former capital of "the west"

About The S.E.

The idea for the Sanctus Exercitus was around years before it was actually formed. 'Vuxxa' and 'Ketotsue' had long planned the formation of a group to fight against what they had seen in their visions of the future. Emboldened by the mass malcontent they had seen against the government, several failed movements, and their own anger for the injustice against the people, they finally did form the Sanctus Exercitus, though, at this time it was only just a name, a shell that they hoped to fill.

They had previously discussed things with various people, and seen that there were indeed people who would immediately help them. Though first they knew they had to search for 'them'. People whom they had seen in their visions, those who were like them, those that would stand by their side in the through everything. There were four that they needed to find.

It seemed a near impossible task at first. After some time tough, they discovered one of them. The one whose 'aliase' they had already known, 'Isis'. Soon the others fell were found. To their dismay, 'Xerxes' was the next, the one they had least hoped to find. Then 'Andarial', and finally the most difficult to track down, 'Enos'. They then began recruitment, and small operation to attempt to slow the coming global empire. they weathered out the ending days of the great war, trying to help as many as they could, and hiding those that they could from the hand for their corrupt and grotesque government.

Their internet presence grew, following them into the global era, where their fight truly escalated. Before long the local authorities were trying to destroy them. They were now being called a terrorist group. Soon the global government began to take notice, declaring them a Fanatical Anti Peace/Anti Government Terrorist Organization.

By this time they had built numerous hidden villages through out the world, to hide the non-combatants who refused the government. Most of these non-combatants had been those who refused the chip, or had later found the S.E. and had it removed. The government itself had helped their cause greatly when Bill HTS-VI-66, was passed. Requiring all citizens to allow an implantable chip to be inserted into their skin. the bill came to be known as The Human Tracking System. It's true purposes were hidden by numerous government lies. It's purpose being the further control of the population.

Though they found that the government wasn't the only thing they had to worry about. They had encountered numerous people before, with strange power. Though they found that they were much more organized than believed.

Though after much troubles the day soon came when president Joshua Imus sent his dog to find them, Phael, The Lesser Acolyte.


Factions: There does happen to be a few factions within the Sanctus Exercitus. They are as follows:
Core Faction - They are the average Sanctus Exercitus soldier. Level headed and can make good use of military tactics in battle. They follow any of the orders given out by the council members. Following orders given by 'Vuxxa', 'Ketotsue', and 'Isis' unquestionably. They only half follow Xerxes, almost always giving his orders second or third thoughts. Though, they perhaps follow 'Enos' order the most quickly and readily, though it doesn't mean they respect 'Enos' more than 'Vuxxa', 'Keto', and 'Isis'. They're in fact slightly fearful of 'Enos', as 'Enos' is known to be overly strict with troops and at times quick to anger.
Xerxes Faction - It could be a joke if it weren't true. 'Xerxes' devote followers stick together tightly. Occasionally trying to deny those who do not follow 'Xerxes' passage and dispute the rights of the other council members to give them orders. Though, their intelligence is lacking, so they can't do much harm. They are very loyal to Xerxes and would/have died for him. They can be strong allies in a fight. They are mostly too stupid to fear sombody.
اخوة الظل/Brethren of the Shadows - Numerous people whom 'Enos' brought to te cause. They speak more than he does, but they're similar to him in several ways. They can be icy to outsiders, but once their trust has been gained they are powerful allies. They range from military types to the more shadowy kinds of people. They are extremely trusting of 'Enos'. They mostly keep to their own little 'clique' and don't bother anybody else. Carving out small areas of Sanctus buildings as their own. They often talk secretly in their own languages. Though there have been several confrontations between them and the Core Faction on several occasions, mostly due to misunderstandings. Then of course the Xerxes Faction has decided to mess with them a few times, though it turns out badly for them.

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Name Templum Terra (more commonly referred to as "The Order"
Age Roughly 200 years (It's name and cause have changed several times throughout history and can be traced back much further)
Type: Mysterious group with obvious religious motivations. Has apparent ties in to current political affairs
Ruling Body: A council of three people with a central figure who is "equal" to the others but normally dictates the outcome of their major decisions.
Founders: Unknown, The true origin of this group has been lost to history but its current form was created by a religious zealot known as "Imus" but he was found dead one year after it's founding.
Headquarters: Garryule Imperial City

About: "The Order"
Through out history this group has gone by several different names and core causes. Ranging from global domination to the mundane social clique. It's current form however is a shadowy organization that has taken control of modern day religion. It has massive influence in the world of religion so much, that any building they create is regarded as a place of worship for the common citizens.

As of right now however any other motives or ambitions are unknown to anyone outside the highest ranks of the order. Castus was just below the final ranks and was known as a "Spell Sword". These were the enforcers of the order people who were trained in the ways of a blade very thoroughly, and if they had the talent given some knowledge of the arcane arts.



Council leaders - These are the three people currently in control of the council. While they claim to maintain a equal share in the direction The Order takes it often seems that their actions are decided by a central leader within the three.

Guardians - A circle of influence just below the council. They are highly regarded within the Order and are the ones that usually control the spell sword ranks.

Spell Swords - The enforcers of the order. When normal men can't accomplish the task these highly trained officers are brought in to mitigate losses. They are trained at a young age to handle themselves in combat a single spell sword is deadly efficient in combat but groups can change wars... Some are trained in the arcane arts as well but this training is minimal and often more for show than real use.

Exeritans - Bulk use members. Best compared to a bee hive, as in a single member of this class would pose no real threat to a trained combatant but when they all sting at once it can be lethal.

Covenant - Members of this circle are the "show ponies" of the Order. With no real power but they are the face the normal world usually sees.
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