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Default Forum Games

so jeff, how do you feel about the introduction of forum games, least that way everyone can get involved even if they dont have an opinion. and it would get your total forum rating up, mmmm? sounds good ?
let me know.
games like forum tag, or last letter/first letter. you know, the classics. or like the alphabet game where everyone who posts has to post a word that starts with the next letter of the alphabet ie. apple, banana, carrot blah blah blah.
just thought i'd ask before i rape the general discussion with post games

Made by Nikki
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most forums i find that kind of games know as spam games but yeah they are fun to play
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I think that'd be a great idea. I've been having a heard time getting into the forum community. This would help get people started on the forums end of Nod and encourage people, especially N's with lots of questions to start heading to forums and perhaps answer questions they haven't thought of asking yet. It makes me wonder how many others starting out as N's like me actually used the forums to learn about Nod... but to summarize my point, get people to the forums! Make it easy for them! Start some forum games!

Great idea, Archer!
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many of those games have a habit of turning dirty fast lol
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