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Adventuring skills
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Question Adventuring skills

Hello there,

I would like to know how can I increase my stats in the Adventuring skill tab without using passive learning (the active way). Especially Item stacking and backpacking skills.

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travel from town to town

http://www.freewebs.com/flashusrollus...the 1st help site for Nodiatis
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yeah i raise mine by going from t2 to t3 and back again.. over and over and over .. lol through scorchedlands and across.. direct paths are always the best.. if your lvl is high enough lol
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don't forget to apply the active status to different adventuring skills, they don't all raise together.

also does not count if you leave from and return to the same town. start and stop towns must be dif.

increase your learning skill: active acceleration - it will help gain you more points when you do this.
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In terms of the amount gained, you will receive full xp if you leave and/or arrive at a town when you have RT. the massive penalty only applies if you leave and arrive in a different town without.

I like to use a lil' trick i call the "train"...
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t2 to t3 is the best when you can 1 hit kill the mobs you run into but it is 30 steps. t4 to t5 is 19 steps but you can't 1 hit them if you're in a group of 3 its possable at least at 60+ but if you are using the staff/escape method of traveling t4-t5 is the best if you can survive it.
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