lg bounties
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Default lg bounties

oi glitchless. a couple years ago there were lg bounties posted.

Five new high level zones have been added to unmarked areas of the map. These creatures are fearsome beasts, angry to have been ignored for so long and hungry for your blood.

An ethereal voice has been heard, as if coming from all directions. There were no words that could be discerned by mortal ears, but the voice's meaning was somehow known by all who heard its sweet music. There is a bounty on the heads of the worst of the new creatures. A legendary gift will be bestowed on each of the first to accomplish:

-Solo Kill of 134 Heroic Boss - None
-Solo Kill of 138 Boss - S1
-Group Kill of 136 Heroic Boss - S1
-Group Kill of 142 Boss - S1

Each bounty can be claimed only once for each server.

now that heroic bosses have been buffed. 134 heroic is a joke entirely. we needed freaking group 132 lowered to 115 just so people had a chance to get princess hair. any thoughts on lowering the heroic solo bounty?
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Support. I doubt even epicbeast could kill hero 134
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Bump, definitely needs consideration unless we can have infinite hp
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bump for dawls infinite hp idea!
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The bounty is set. First Solo Kill of 110 Heroic Boss who then bumps this thread will get an LG.
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